The Life And Times Of The World’s Richest Women

Susanne Klatten, an heiress to the BMW fortune, may be the 68th richest person in the world, but her life hasn’t been so peachy lately. The German mama of three had a two-month affair with a creep named Helg Sgarbi, who secretly videotaped many of their encounters. Then he and several buddies blackmailed her, demanding $1.13 million and a BMW X5 each or else they would release the tapes. Rather than give these jerks the money, Klatten decided to take her case to the police and risk it going public. A few days ago, the police set up a sting operation, convincing the conspirators that Klatten was handing over the money and cars. Then they arrested the skanky dudes. [Bloomberg]

Interestingly, there aren’t so many billionairesses in the world. And many of them have equally fascinating stories that read more like soap operas than real life. Read on to learn more of the intriguing tid-bits about the world’s richest ladies. Keep reading »

President Obama Responds To Mom Jean Haters

President Barack Obama was criticized by some (ourselves included) for wearing “mom jeans.” Why would such a handsome and important man put on such unflattering pants? Meredith Vieira got to the bottom of this matter in a “Today” interview. Hear Obama’s answer in the above clip. Keep reading »

A Restaurant Creates A “Model Lounge” With No Commoners Allowed

A restaurant in New York City has opened a lounge where people can rest, eat, get pampered, and just generally escape from the hustle and bustle. Too bad the lounge is only for models. Yes, Delicatessen restaurant in downtown Manhattan has created a “Model Lounge” for tired and “hungry” models to rest and change clothes, if needed, between castings, shoots, and shows. Apparently, models are super happy with the lounge, ’cause a neighborhood coffee shop is just too public and they get hit on all the time. Boo-freakin-hoo. I’m no model, but I would like a special place to unwind, grab a bite and get away from sleazy creepsters. The lounge’s “no men allowed” policy keeps us “commoners” and even male models from bothering the beauties down below. Justin “Rocket” Silverman of the NY Post is the definition of uber-cheese in his inside look at the “Model Lounge.” [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

There’s A Story Behind Every Scar

When I was 15, I went white-water rafting at camp down some really calm rapids. The tour guides practically promised us that we weren’t going to fall out of the raft. But of course, half way through, I was thrown from the boat and totally humiliated as I was hoisted back in. My knee was all bloody from hitting a rock, and to this day I have a scar on my left knee the size of a dime. I’m sure most of my friends don’t remember that white water rafting trip very well, but I remember in in astute detail because of that scar. The same goes for most scars, as I learned from a piece in the NY Times about how scars tell the stories of our lives. Some people even find their scars so meaningful that they have them made into jewelry. Since scars can hold such strong meaning, I’ve asked around for folks to share their scar stories. I guarantee that some of them will remind you of many of your own life experiences… Keep reading »

Christian Siriano To Unveil Starbucks Mystery

The Cut reported recently that “Project Runway” designer Christian Siriano will be unveiling his special “holiday collaboration” with Starbucks today. Despite this exciting gossip, news sources are not allowed to tell us anything until November 17th. This is tragic and very, very, very many fashion light years away. We can only guess that it will be a cookie with his face on it or, like, coffee cozies he’s designed that say “Don’t Make A Hot Mess!” to urge you not to spill. We hope it’s new uniforms — sigh, they are so drab and paper bag brown. Grab a free Starbucks pastry today while you ponder this mega news and give us your best guess. [Will the designers-teaming-up-with-huge-corporations madness ever end? Just curious. -- Editor] Keep reading »

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Guys Wearing Bow Ties

celebs wearing bowties g12 jpg
Every girl has her thing. Some of us are into boytaurs. Others like men with hairy chests. And a few are all over dudes who can read. Personally, I like bow ties. Maybe it’s because I’m jealous (I haven’t found a good way to wear them myself). Or it could be that I associate them with fancy, dress-up occasions. Either way, something about bow ties is really hot. They even make old men look cute, right?

Gwyneth Snubbed By Entertainment Weekly, Plus Other Stars Who Don’t Move Magazines

The new Entertainment Weekly is on newsstands today, and it features the stars of “Iron Man 2.” There’s Robert Downey Jr., of course, along with Scarlett Johansson and Mickey Rourke. But wait a second, isn’t Gwyneth Paltrow in that flick, too? According to this morning’s New York Post, Gwyneth was intentionally snubbed for the cover because “rightly or wrongly, the editors feel any cover with Paltrow is newsstand suicide.” Cold diss! [New York Post] Keep reading »

Ted Gibson Replaces Nick Arrojo On “What Not To Wear”

Every personality on “What Not to Wear” seems right for the makeover show, with the exception of hairstylist Nick Arrojo (pictured right). Hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London have the good fashion cop/bad fashion cop schtick perfected, and makeup artist Carmindy always makes the participant look a hundred times better by “playing up” their eyes or lips. But Nick’s hairstyles were usually hit or miss. He was always a little too scissor-happy, giving participants “mom hair” on more than one occasion. And his own hairstyles, including boyish ringlets and a Caesar cut with a flavor saver, seemed in need of a makeover, too. Keep reading »

A Sexy Sell? Barneys Window Displays Bleed With Violence

Fashion can be killer. Literally. Or at least the folks at luxury fashion retailer, Barneys, like to think so. The store’s most recent window displays feature “dead” mannequins in Helmut Lang and A.L.C., bloodied from their shootout (most likely a skirmish with the Fashion Police, we’d imagine). Where did this inspiration come from? Perhaps Barneys thought they’d ride on the vampire-chic wave, brought to you by Twilight and “True Blood” fans? [Racked]

But fashion advertising, in general, has always been known to ricochet between the ultimate in glamorous aspirational imagery and the other extreme, full of down-in-the-gutter sadism and beat-down grit — think “heroin chic.” [We're sure the NY Times would blame the recession for current upswing in the latter direction. -- Editor] After the jump, a look at some other recent fashion ads that pack a punch, quite literally. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Evan Rachel Wood Shows A Lil’ Nip In I.D.

So many stars going nude, so little time. Following in the footsteps of Mary-Louise Parker, Bar Rafaeli, Miranda Kerr, and just about everyone else with aureole in Hollywood, Marilyn Manson’s on/off girlfriend showed a little nip in this photoshoot for I.D. She also dons a pair of hooker boots that would make Miley Cyrus totes jealous. [Fashion Copious] Keep reading »

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