Tattoo Artist Predicted The Billy Bob-Angelina Breakup

Friday Jones, who is opening the luxe tattoo parlor Friday Jones Fifth Avenue this month, inked Angelina Jolie with Billy Bob’s name (on her vag!) back in the day. And luckily for Jolie, Jones had the wisdom to make the “Billy Bob” tattoo as much like a washable Crayola marker as she possibly could. Yikes. Not a good sign when the chick who tats you up doesn’t even have faith in your choice of men. Friday told W:

“I did [Angelina's] secret Billy Bob tattoo when he was still with Laura Dern in public. I didn’t want to do it but I finally broke down and gave it to her. I watered down the black so it would be easier to remove. And wouldn’t you know, within two days, Timothy Hutton proposed to her after she got it done! I’m not opposed to tattooing names, but you have to have a philosophy around it for the future.”

That tattoo must have hurt like a bitch if Angelina got it removed! Keep reading »

Cell Phone Elbow, And Four Other New-Fangled Ailments That Could Get You A Day Off Work

Last week, doctors discovered a debilitating ailment—Cell Phone Elbow. This injury rears its ugly head when your ulnar nerve, on the inside of your elbow, gets compressed, which happens if you bend your arm too much, either by holding a cell phone to your ear or leaning on your arm while typing at work. Sure, it may be apt punishment for people who yack on their phones allll day long. But it can be super painful, and even make typing or writing difficult. [CBS]

This got me thinking—you know those days when you just don’t feel like going to work because your bed is warm, it’s raining outside, the boyfriend is over, etc? “I have Cell Phone Elbow,” would sound so much better than my stale go-to excuse, “I have food poisoning.” Here are four other tech-related excuses that’ll come in just as handy. Keep reading »

Hermes Breeds Crocodiles To Make Handbags

In what can only described as sickening news, French luxury goods brand Hermès admitted it has resorted to breeding its own crocodiles to meet demand for its leather bags. According to Patrick Thomas, the company’s chief executive, it can take three or four crocodiles to make one bag, so they breed the animals on farms, mainly in Australia, to get enough to produce about 3,000 bags a year. And they can’t even make enough bags to meet demand.

You can’t really fault a company for doing what they can to take money without expressly hurting the environment — it’s not like they’re making crocodiles extinct to make bags — but do we really need to carry crocodile handbags in the first place? Keep reading »

Gallery: Celebrity Tattoo Changaroos

steve o tattoo 061009 jpg
After going to rehab, Steve-O is now drug free. Including his skin. The reality TV wild boy, now sober for over 450 days, told Us Magazine that he changed the pot leaf tattoo on his wrist into a palm tree. Steve-O held a contest on where readers could submit designs of how he should alter the tatt, though we’re a little confused because the design that won made the pot leaf into a carrot, while the palm tree design came in second? I guess the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant is still as he says, “batsa$$ crazy.”

Here are some other celebs who got creative with amending their old tattoos…for better or worse.

Cute Ways To Wear Your Boo’s Initials

Carving our initials—D + J = <3 4ever!—into the side of a tree with might be super-romantic, but it’s not especially green. So my boyfriend and I are scoping out ways to wear each other’s initials instead. We’re not quite at the engagement ring stage, though, and tattoos aren’t either of our scenes.

Thank-heavens-for-Etsy, there’s more than a few cute initialed doodads online. I’m sweet on the Black Diamond edition Scrabble tiles ($5.75) or the
typewriter key letters ($24.99), both of which are funky ways to wear a “D” around my neck. But someone who doesn’t like to wear jewelry—like my bf—might prefer this sweet-ass engraved guitar pick ($28).

Too cute, right? Keep reading »

One Good Thing To Come Out Of The Depression: Great Clothes

recession style g9 jpg
If you’ve ever taken a look at fashion from the ’30s and ’40s, when “depression” and “recession” were everyday words, you might be feeling a bit of déjà vu lately. The fabric shoes, high-waisted skirts, and show-stopping accessories that marked these decades are having a comeback, perhaps thanks to our very own current economic turmoil. An exhibit in Paris’ Musée Jean Moulin called “Accessories and Artefacts: Women’s Lives in Paris 1940-1944” showcases women’s accessories from the French occupation. Hearing about the show in the New York Times inspired us to draw some comparisons ourselves. Click through for clothing similarities from the Great Depression and today. Some looks are recession-inspired, others are worthy of a comeback because they made our jaws drop. If you thought cute rompers, floral blouses, intricate head pieces, and strict, tailored jackets were modern trends, wait until you see the lovely ladies of old-time Hollywood wearing similar styles in these photos from the ’30s and ’40s.

Crave: Gijs Bakker Windrider Bicycle Clips

Ride like the wind and look cool doing it with these ancient Greek-inspired bicycle clips. We’re completely obsessed with bikes (or chariots, whatever) these days, and wouldn’t even consider wearing those dorky garters for your pants until we saw this swifty pair designed by Gijs Bakker. An Amsterdammer who clearly knows a thing or two about biking, Bakker created the clips from fluorescent PVC and with a snap mechanism to easily latch onto your ankles. Now which way to the bacchanal? [$20,] Keep reading »

Models Open Up About Sexual Harassment In New Modeling Documentary

Even though model Sara Ziff has walked for Chanel and Marc Jacobs and has been the face of Calvin Klein, Gap, Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana, she strips the modeling industry of its glamour like she’s ripping off false eyelashes. Mentorship from Twiggy? Coddling from Miss Jay?

Actually, the life of a professional pretty face means fending off a scuzz-load of pervy photogs, according to Sara’s documentary “Picture Me” about the behind-the-scenes of modeling. Keep reading »

Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Have You Ever Lied About Your Sexual Experience?

On an early date with my ex, we were discussing sexual experiences (what, me discuss sex?!) and he told me that he had had a threesome. Months later I found out that he had lied. I wasn’t mad about it, but because it was such an odd thing to make up, I’ve never forgotten it. (I’ve also never figured out why. Was he trying to show off? Plant the seed for a future threesome, which he tried, in vain, to have up until we broke up?) This week I read Glamour‘s “5 Lies Men Tell About Their Sexual History (Hint: The Three-Way is BS)” and discovered that, apparently, many men tell this little fib, along with other sex lies like “I lost my virginity when I was 16!” and “This has never happened before.” So what about the guys on our IM? What sex lies have they told? Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Heather Graham’s Cheap-Looking Red Carpet Style

Heather Graham wore this fugly dress to the Irish premiere of “The Hangover.” But she must have been suffering from a hangover headache when she agreed to wear this thing on the red carpet. It reminds me of those cheap Leg Avenue nylon “dresses” you can buy in fetish stores. [Dublin, 6/9/09] Keep reading »

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