Shopping Guide: Rad Rope Detailing

Julie Gerstein / August 31, 2011

Paz De La Huerta Glamourizes The Crotch Shot

Jessica Wakeman / August 31, 2011

Watch out, Britney, you’re not the only girl in Hollywood flaunting the crotch shot. “Boardwalk Empire”‘s Paz de la Huerta shows us ladies how it’s done (thigh highs, garter, matching bra and panties) in this new sexy new ad for Agent Provocateur. Paparazzi aren’t just slimeballs — they’re also very lucky! []… More »

Your Facebooking Is Ruining The Economy, FYI

Julie Gerstein / August 31, 2011

You think composing pithy Facebook status updates and slyly stalking your exes via the social networking site isn’t bothering anybody, right? Well, you’re wrong. Your Facebook usage is ruining the economy. Just ask Michael Fitzpatrick, an analyst at ConnectSolutions who discovered the huge toll Facebook has taken on our productivity and general will to live… More »

Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Wears Pickle Fingers

Ami Angelowicz / August 31, 2011

Gather ’round children and I will tell you the tale of old William Picklefingers. Legend has it that after burning his hands on the stove, he plunged them into a jar of pickles to ease the pain. When he pulled them out, his fingers had magically turned into delicious dills! These plastic pickle fingers are… More »

Jaleel White: 8 Career Suggestions For Him

We were a little too excited earlier this month when Cee Lo Green premiered his amazing video for “Cry Baby” and it starred Jaleel White, aka Steve Urkel from “Family Matters.” And Jaleel is doing the right thing by capitalizing on his moment. He has apparently signed on to star in the season premiere of… More »

Style Stealer: Bel Rowley’s Fab ’50s Look On “The Hour”

Jessica Wakeman / August 31, 2011