Money Shot: Post-Coital Barbie

Ami Angelowicz / August 26, 2011

Uh oh. Barbie has JBF hair. Somebody’s been gettin’ wild in the Dream House. And who is that strapping, plastic man she’s with? It’s certainly not Ken. Get it, girl. [Neo P***y]… More »

Kathy Griffin Confesses Her Love For Justin Bieber

Julie Gerstein / August 26, 2011

Following on the heels of Jim Carrey’s not-at-all creepy video love letter to Emma Stone, Kathy Griffin has released her own love letter to Justin Bieber, for whom she expresses her undying love, “even with those lesbian bangs.” [Evil Beet Gossip]… More »

Mark Wahlburgers?!?! 10 Celebrity Pun Businesses We Wish Existed

Fun With “Stocking”

Ami Angelowicz / August 26, 2011

I’m tired of saying _______ is the new ___________. But a new meme thingy that’s happening on the interwebs is “stocking.” No, it doesn’t involve trolling on your ex’s Facebook page to see if he’s dating again. It’s all about having fun recreating silly stock photos. This is my first attempt at stocking (pictured above). More »

Tina Fey On Tracy Morgan’s Homophobic Jokes

Jessica Wakeman / August 26, 2011

“Because of my real-life pregnancy, we don’t go back on the air until January. I’m hoping that Tracy will have, and the world will have, forgotten about that by then. He from the first has gone around very sincerely and done his best to try to make up for the foolishness. … It’s the kind… More »

A Field Guide To Meaningful Rubber Bracelets

Winona Dimeo-Ediger / August 26, 2011