One Good Thing To Come Out Of The Depression: Great Clothes

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If you’ve ever taken a look at fashion from the ’30s and ’40s, when “depression” and “recession” were everyday words, you might be feeling a bit of déjà vu lately. The fabric shoes, high-waisted skirts, and show-stopping accessories that marked these decades are having a comeback, perhaps thanks to our very own current economic turmoil. An exhibit in Paris’ Musée Jean Moulin called “Accessories and Artefacts: Women’s Lives in Paris 1940-1944” showcases women’s accessories from the French occupation. Hearing about the show in the New York Times inspired us to draw some comparisons ourselves. Click through for clothing similarities from the Great Depression and today. Some looks are recession-inspired, others are worthy of a comeback because they made our jaws drop. If you thought cute rompers, floral blouses, intricate head pieces, and strict, tailored jackets were modern trends, wait until you see the lovely ladies of old-time Hollywood wearing similar styles in these photos from the ’30s and ’40s.

Crave: Gijs Bakker Windrider Bicycle Clips

Ride like the wind and look cool doing it with these ancient Greek-inspired bicycle clips. We’re completely obsessed with bikes (or chariots, whatever) these days, and wouldn’t even consider wearing those dorky garters for your pants until we saw this swifty pair designed by Gijs Bakker. An Amsterdammer who clearly knows a thing or two about biking, Bakker created the clips from fluorescent PVC and with a snap mechanism to easily latch onto your ankles. Now which way to the bacchanal? [$20,] Keep reading »

Models Open Up About Sexual Harassment In New Modeling Documentary

Even though model Sara Ziff has walked for Chanel and Marc Jacobs and has been the face of Calvin Klein, Gap, Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana, she strips the modeling industry of its glamour like she’s ripping off false eyelashes. Mentorship from Twiggy? Coddling from Miss Jay?

Actually, the life of a professional pretty face means fending off a scuzz-load of pervy photogs, according to Sara’s documentary “Picture Me” about the behind-the-scenes of modeling. Keep reading »

Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Have You Ever Lied About Your Sexual Experience?

On an early date with my ex, we were discussing sexual experiences (what, me discuss sex?!) and he told me that he had had a threesome. Months later I found out that he had lied. I wasn’t mad about it, but because it was such an odd thing to make up, I’ve never forgotten it. (I’ve also never figured out why. Was he trying to show off? Plant the seed for a future threesome, which he tried, in vain, to have up until we broke up?) This week I read Glamour‘s “5 Lies Men Tell About Their Sexual History (Hint: The Three-Way is BS)” and discovered that, apparently, many men tell this little fib, along with other sex lies like “I lost my virginity when I was 16!” and “This has never happened before.” So what about the guys on our IM? What sex lies have they told? Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Heather Graham’s Cheap-Looking Red Carpet Style

Heather Graham wore this fugly dress to the Irish premiere of “The Hangover.” But she must have been suffering from a hangover headache when she agreed to wear this thing on the red carpet. It reminds me of those cheap Leg Avenue nylon “dresses” you can buy in fetish stores. [Dublin, 6/9/09] Keep reading »

Can A Homemaker Be A Feminist?

I was raised by a working, single mother. She went to Stanford, majored in economics, became a public school teacher, wrote a book, and now works as a journalist. She didn’t give up her job when she had my sister or me, and she certainly didn’t give it up after she and my father divorced. I consider her the ultimate feminist — she’s worked her butt off, made a living on her own, and raised two perfect daughters (just kidding). She’s my hero. But if she had quit her job when I was born, retiring at age 31, would she still be my #1 role model? It’s hard to say.
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Does Hooking Up Make Us Lonely?

Yesterday, NPR show “Morning Edition” explored a new a cultural phenomenon you may have heard of called “the hookup.” The hookup, the program explains to anyone living under a rock, is a social trend, born of the sexual revolution of the ’60s and ’70s, women’s growing independence, and online social networking. It started among high school and college students but is now popular with recent grads who have entered the workaday world. “Young people from high school on are so preoccupied with friends, getting an education and establishing themselves, they don’t make time for relationships,” so instead of concerning themselves with finding a mate, they’re far more interested in no-strings-attached sex. Naturally, people are having a field day arguing the potential benefits and detriments of hooking up. Keep reading »

The Woman Behind Spike TV

When I think of the executive board room at Spike TV, the Viacom owned men’s cable network whose meathead-ish slogan is, “Get more action,” I envision a bunch of dudes sitting around, drinking beers, scratching their crotches, and brainstorming ideas about new programming featuring boobs and stuff. But perhaps I’ve been too judgmental? Enter Sharon Levy, the head of development for Spike’s reality programming, who is destroying the channel’s stereotypical Maxim-esque rep by coming up with un-vaginal programming that appeals to Spike’s male demographic while beckoning women to come check it out, too. (“Grey’s Anatomy?” she tells the New York Times. “Kill me now.”) Sharon, who got her start developing dude faves like “South Park” and “The Man Show” for Comedy Central is the kind of chick who enjoys talking about “Wolverine,” “Star Trek,” and her favorite video games while simultaneously telling you how awesome her new handbag is. She is particularly proud of her limited edition Takashi Murakami/Louis Vuitton. Keep reading »

Oxford Coeds Help Everyone Study Hard With Naked Calendar

Talk about Grade-A ass, Oxford students posed nude for a charity calendar benefiting TravelAid, an organization that works to eradicate third-world hunger. The $15 calendar features coeds on the grounds of the venerable institution, studying in the library, rowing, and playing the cello—sans clothing.

Though some alumni were peeved by the bawdiness of the project, administrators consented to the series of photo shoots of their best and brightest students in the buff because it was for charity. And the students themselves had loads of fun shooting it. “Given the opportunity I’d gladly get my kit off again in the university to raise money for a worthy cause — it’s liberating,” said one birthday-suit lovin’ babe. You have to admit, this has to be a change from their everyday scholarly days. We say, if you got it, flaunt it… especially for a worthwhile cause. [Daily Mail]
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Gallery: Celebs Who Hit On The Wait Staff

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For some celebrities, that cute waitress or sexy bartender is serving up more than just food and drink. George Clooney, 48, is moving his 23-year-old cocktail waitress girlfriend into his mansion in LA. The lucky gal, Lucy Wolvert, says Clooney is a real gentleman and is great in the sack, but her friends are worried this famous hunk is going to break her heart. Let’s just say that she is George’s second server chick. []

But George is not the only celeb who likes to hump the help. Check out some other peeps who shagged the hand that feeds them.

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