8 Celebrity Scrooges

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New mom Rachel Dratch doesn’t fall for all that Baby’s First Christmas jazz. She feels like her 3-month-old won’t notice whether they celebrate Christmas or not, so she’s decided to avoid it altogether. “He’s not conscious of the holiday yet so I’m taking a pass. I don’t have to go all out yet,” she told People. But, uh, Rachel, you could also could use the get-out-of-Xmas free card for being a Jew.

Anyway, as it turns out, a whole lotta celebs hate Christmas. Who? Why? Find out after the jump!

Are Elephants The New Wedding Trend?

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden tied the knot this weekend, two kiddos and four years later. The two got hitched at Lionel Richie’s estate, and Nicole wore a strapless Marchesa get-up. While there’s no word on whether any dancing on the ceiling went down during the reception, there is one very curious element to the ceremony—apparently, a trained elephant was led into the proceedings. Which is interesting, because when Katy Perry and Russell Brand got married in October, their procession included two elephants.
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7 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons To Blow Someone Off

I try, try try my very hardest never to blow anyone off. I mean, being on the receiving end of a blow-off totally sucks, and I don’t take pleasure in hurting another person’s feelings. I believe that honesty is the best policy and if I need to break up with someone (romantically or otherwise), I try to give them a reason why, straight-up … well, most of the time. There are some instances when I feel perfectly justified in pulling the old duck and run. Find out what they are after the jump. Keep reading »

Anna Faris Accidentally Sexted Her Dad

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“One time I was sending him a text and I accidentally sent it to my dad. I wrote, ‘I can’t wait to see you in bed tonight.’ … There was also a close call with my husband’s nephew who’s like nine years old. I know. We’ve stopped now.”

Anna Faris explains on “Ellen” why she no longer sends sexts to her husband, Chris Pratt. We think it’s a pretty good call that she stopped. Working a contact list just shouldn’t be that hard. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

10 Celebrities Famous For Their Butts

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There are plenty of things that can make someone famous: scandal, talent, evil-doing, doing something out of the ordinary, sleeping with someone famous, etc. But some people are famous for their “ass”ets. Yeah, I just made a butt joke. We’ve rounded up 10 celebs who are famous for their round backsides. First and foremost is the butt-blessed Kim Kardashian because her booty knows no bounds. It is the 9th wonder of the world. Mostly, I wonder how she finds bikini bottoms that cover more than half of it. Oh yeah, she doesn’t.

Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Official Engagement Photo

Tada! Here is Prince William and Kate’s Middleton kinda sweet official engagement photo, shot by Mario Testino. Because we know you were sooooo over that pic of Kate in the blue dress. Also, her ring doesn’t look nearly as gaudy here. [People] Keep reading »

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