Quick Pic: Whitney Port’s, Um, Bushy Bathing Suit

Guess the carpet does NOT match the drapes! Teehee! [Miami, 7/20/09]
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Liveblogging “The Bachelorette” For July 20th 2009

Tonight! The! Men! Tell! ALL! Will Cowboy Wes be there? Will he and Pilot Jake brawl? Will the Angry Meathead try and start more crap with Hola Juan? You guys, I am so excited to see those old faces! Tear. Keep reading »

Quickies!: Joe Jackson Used In Child Abuse Ad

  • A center for victims of child abuse in São Paulo has used a newspaper clipping of Joe Jackson in its ad, saying Michael got the ultimate revenge by leaving his father out of his will. [Copyranter]
  • Beastie Boy Adam Yauch recently announced he has cancer, and that the Beastie Boys tour will therefore have to be postponed. [Pop Eater] — Yauch will be getting surgery next week, and we hope he gets better!

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Remote Control: What You Should Watch The Week Of July 20th 2009

The good ol’ electronic hearth is serving up a hefty portion of girl-tastic shows this week. Tonight, after “The Bachelorette,” of course, check out “Dating in the Dark.” We also have high hopes for ABC’s new teen music sitcom “Ruby & The Rockits,” which looks like it owes more than a little to “Hannah Montana.” The creepily watchable “Toddlers and Tiaras” also starts this week. And then there’s the season finale of “Southern Belles: Louisville.” Awww, television.
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Quick Pic: Lindsay Lohan Version 2.0

Clearly, SamRo has a type: strawberry blonde actresses whose names rhyme with hers. The DJ took “Sopranos” star Drea de Matteo out for a fancy dinner at Nobu last night. That’s a little bit better than the cheap burritos she lunched on with Lindsay last week. [Malibu, 7/19/09] Keep reading »

The Studs Of The Siren Music Festival

ravonettechick ashley 72009 g jpg
Over the weekend, the notoriously hip Village Voice held it’s annual indie rock cluster**k at Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY. This year’s beach side Siren Music Festival was packed to the max with sexy musicians and the culture vultures who worship them. Just check out this chick, Sharin, from The Ravonettes. Dang, if she didn’t look hotter than the weather! But if you keep clicking, I promise you’ll get a close up look at all the studs, some sans shirts and some even sans pants, ooh-la-la! Either way, you’ll get a backstage pass to see the rock stars who banged the day away. [Ashley Macknica]

Is Raphael Young The Next Jimmy Choo?

We’re going to have to say yes. Sure reigning champs like Manolo and Jimmy aren’t about to be knocked off their thrones anytime soon, but Parisian Raphael Young is poised to give them a run for their money (heh). Young is a Korean born, French-raised designer who’s already gaining a cult following among fashionistas, especially in Europe and Asia. Like say, Christian Louboutin, his shoes designs are pure fantasy meets reality (as in, they’re totally wearable works of art), and he’s known for incorporating a mix of luxurious materials–like crocodile and patent leather–to create shoes that are stunningly sexy. But Young’s shoes go a step further (can’t resist!) by featuring whimsical, unexpected details like metal coils or curved wood pegs as heels. His shoes recently became available stateside at a handful of boutiques in NYC (Seven and Eva), but with an established name abroad and a rising profile in America, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing Young everywhere. Check out more designs on his site. [Raphael Young] Keep reading »

Chris Brown’s Apology Video

Chris Brown—you know, the guy who got his wrist slapped for beating the crap out of Rihanna earlier this year — just released a video on his You Tube page where he apologizes for “the incident,” as he calls it.

He makes lots of references to his mom and his spiritual teachers and how he grew up in a home with domestic violence. Sorry, but it’s still too little, too late, for me. What about you? Keep reading »

The Seven Deadly Decorating Sins

Metropolitan Home has come up with a list of the top design don’ts to keep in mind when tricking out your place. Basically, decorating your home is a little bit like putting together an outfit each morning—there aren’t so much rules, per say, as pitfalls to avoid, claims Metropolitan Home‘s creative director Linda O’Keeffe. Example, rule one: edit, edit, edit. Don’t clutter your house up with loads of tchotchkes. Or, like the fashion equivalent, before walking out the door, take one piece of jewelry off.

Rule two: listen to a room. In other words, don’t force entire showrooms worth of modern furniture into a farmhouse with wide planked wood floors, i.e. when it comes to clothes style, dress for your body. See? So, if you are well versed in what makes for tragic fashion, apply those guidelines to your living room. Easy, huh? [Metropolitan Home] Keep reading »

iPhone App For Movie Goers With Small Bladders

It’s well known amongst my friends that I can pee, only to need to pee again. I live by the “Sit Or Squat” application on my iPhone that tells me the nearest location of public restrooms. In the month or so since “Sit Or Squat” has been on my phone, I’ve utilized it more than any other app. And now I’ve come across the next best application: “RunPee!” The app lets you know exactly when you’re clear to head to the restroom during a movie without missing a major plot point. Along with the time, “RunPee” provides a description of what will be going on in the scene, so you know it’s definitely the right moment to, well, run ‘n’ pee. Plus, they have a write up of what you’re going to miss while away from the screen. Perfect reading material while you’re in the loo! This just skyrocketed on my list of must-get apps. [RunPee] Keep reading »

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