Wife Hates That Her Husband Jerks Off Twice A Day

What would you do if your significant other masturbated twice a day? Would you be upset? Grossed out? Concerned? Or would you not care? Slate’s “Dear Prudence” heard from a man whose wife was upset by his twice daily masturbation habit and, I have to say, I’m not sure how I feel about her advice. Keep reading »

Is The Real Life Romance On “True Blood” Too Hot For TV?

Last night, the second season of “True Blood” premiered and I could not have been more excited. I find it to be one of the sexiest shows on television, a true guilty pleasure, and the over-the-top acting and ridiculous plot lines make it even more sinfully delicious. And the center of the show are the characters of Sookie Stackhouse and vampire Bill Compton, portrayed by real life couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. The two met and fell in love on the set, a fact which has injected a real, tangible heat to many of their scenes. For some this is not entirely enjoyable. Keep reading »

Get Your Designer Fix For Under 50 Bucks

designer fixes g11 jpg
If I could spend my afternoons purchasing D&G dresses, Hermès ceramic bracelets, and slick Theory blazers, I would never frown again. Since I can’t afford to do this, I have resorted to flipping through magazines to get my fashion fix. But while I love spending time with my closest companions (Vogue, Marie Claire, and InStyle), they always leave me unsatisfied, tempting me with glossy pages full of fancy frocks I can’t afford (while I feel deserving of designer indulgences, my piggy bank feels differently). This dilemma inspired me to put together a list of designer duds for spoiling myself without any guilty feelings. No matter how deep my pockets are, I should be able to dabble in a little designer fun (and of course, you should too!). After the jump, 10 fabulous, wallet-friendly purchases that will help satisfy your designer sweet tooth.

Dealbreaker: The Polyamorous Guy

Open Isn't For Everyone
John DeVore opens up about polyamory. Read More »
My Open Marriage
How an open relationship works for one married couple. Read More »

I am 30 years old, single, and have been that way for a while. As I approached the big 3-0, starting around mid-28, I began to panic about my singlehood, asking myself some tough questions: “What am I doing wrong?” “Are my standards are too high?” “Do I have too much baggage?” I made a new dating motto for myself: “No guy left behind,” ensuring that all dudes got a chance. This equal opportunity dating model led me straight into the jaws of a string of freaks, losers, liars, a-holes, guys with girlfriends, and one very, er…unique guy I’ll call H.
Keep reading »

The Five Worst Movies To Watch Together On Father’s Day (Or Any Other Family Holiday)

Celebrating holidays with a family movie night is a great American tradition. There’s basically no better way to spend time with family than to sit in a room, not talking or even looking at them. It really takes the pressure off. Yet, pick the wrong flick, and you may open a can of worms. If you’re contemplating movies to watch with the clan for Father’s Day (or any other future family holiday), you should be sure to blacklist the following…
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Cool Cards For Dads

fathers day cards g8 jpg
This coming Sunday is Father’s Day, and the start to a great gift is an amazing card. Treat your dad to a special one handcrafted by an Etsy seller, and the box of golf balls you’re giving him will seem that much more awesome.

Decode My Dream: Why Does Brandon From “90210″ Haunt My Dreams?

“For some bizarre reason, Jason Priestley (aka Brandon Walsh from “90210″) has been a recurring character in my sex dreams since I was a teenager. Sometimes he’s the one I’m having sex with—I remember one dream in high school where we were doing it in the rain by some lake. It got really muddy and messy, but it was still hot sex. Sometimes Jason just makes a quick appearance. More recently, I remember a dream where I was getting it on in a bar bathroom with my boyfriend at the time (P.S. I am the kind of person who is disgusted by the idea of any physical contact in a bar bathroom), and right in the middle, the door swings open and there’s Jason! He was like, “Oh, sorry,” awkwardly and shut it again. But still, why is he always there? Yes, I’m a big “90210″ fan, but in truth, I am much more of a Dylan lover than a Brandon girl. What does this mean?” – 90210 Girl
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Star Couplings: Usher Is Ending His Marriage

  • Usher proved the rumor mill right when he filed for divorce from Tameka Foster, his wife of nearly two years. [E! Online] — The only one who might be surprised about this is Tameka. Hey, I never stopped calling her by her maiden name, anyway.
  • Karl Lagerfeld is swinging insults at Heidi Klum again, but this time he attacks her husband too, saying he wouldn’t want Seal’s skin, which was damaged from a form of lupus. [The Sun] — Sounds like Karl is jealous to me.
  • For the second night in a row, Paris Hilton spent the night with some guy named Cristiano Ronaldo. [Dlisted]

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Quick Pic: Joe Jonas Goes For The Gold

The gold jacket is so going to become this generation’s version of Michael Jackson’s black and red “Thriller” jacket. [Madrid, Spain, 6/14/09] Keep reading »

21 Famous Women Who Look Just As Good Without Makeup

sans fard angelina jolie jpg
In this new Louis Vuitton ad, Angelina Jolie strikes a pose in Cambodia, the country where she adopted way-too-adorable-for-his-own-good Maddox. But the ad is notable for another reason. Not only is Angie wearing her own clothes in it—supposedly, she has no makeup on. I don’t know if I’m fully buying this claim. I mean, that looks like eye shadow to me. But I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. [OK! Magazine]

After the jump, more stars looking lovely sans fards. How refreshing that not everyone has to “put on their face” before leaving the house.

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