Obama Steps Up To The Plate For Henry Louis Gates

I’m so glad that President Obama decided to comment on this story, because it got me all riled up. Earlier this week, super-professor Henry Louis Gates lost his keys, and had to break into his own house. A neighbor phoned the police, saying that “two black males” were on the mansion’s porch, trying to get in. When the police arrived to check out the report, Gates was already inside. He showed his ID to prove that it was, in fact, his house. Things got heated from there. The officer kept asking questions, to which Gates responded, “Why? Because I’m a black man in America?” He was arrested for disorderly conduct. Luckily, the charges have been dropped. Yesterday, Obama defended his friend, saying that the officers acted “stupidly.” He even cracks a joke, wondering what would happen if he was caught trying to break into the back door of the White House. Keep reading »

Topless Sunbathing Out In France, We Help Them Cover Up With Lovely Swimwear

seafolly 072309 jpg
[$69, Seafolly, Figleaves]

Horny boys all across the U.S. can now cross France off their list of places to visit because topless sunbathing is no longer legal there. (I’ll give you a moment to shed one slow tear here, gentlemen, before pointing out that most of the topless biddies I saw while there were of the older, not-so-sprightly variety.) While we sympathize with our French sistren (like brethren, but sisters), our grief is not so great that we haven’t the energy to help them through this difficult time. So, in the spirit of world peace and doing good deeds for our across-the-ocean neighbors, here are a few options for covering up your goodies on the beaches of France. (And, don’t worry, we’ll keep them extra small so the switch isn’t too much of a shock.) [The Cut]

The Status T-Shirt: It’s Just Like High School

The New York Times just wrote about how certain fancy-pants destinations have their own locals-only (or those in the know) T-shirt hierarchy. Most recognizable example: the Black Dog shirt from the Martha’s Vineyard tavern of the same name. As I read about the various East and Southampton and Sag Harbor T-shirts, all I could think was that it feels like I’m back in high school and playing the old game of who had the newest, best, most unavailable T-shirt. The “Ditch Witch” tee (preferred by the Montauk elite) is almost akin to going to a Phish or Dave Matthews concert and buying the $40 tee —but never, ever wearing it at the concert in question—back in the day. (Well, in the little corner of tiny-town-ville of Long Island where I existed, anyways.) Bonus points for the H.O.R.D.E. Fest or other all-day musical extravaganza. And the only sartorially ruinous circumstance? Everyone else having the T-shirt, too. Which I guess is kind of the point of this otherwise pointless newspaper article. [If the recession has knocked out the weave, is a status T-shirt the new It bag? -- Editor] [NY Times] Keep reading »

Ed Westwick Needs Our Help!

Oh, no! Is Ed Westwick in trouble? It looks like Chuck Bass could use a good friend right now.

First, his “Gossip Girl” co-star Chace Crawford moved out of the NYC apartment they shared to a place of his own. (It was a lot of heartthrob under one roof.) Then Chace dissed Ed by allegedly not inviting him to his 24th birthday. Cold, Chace. Cold. Keep reading »

Why Is Gerard Butler Cultivating A Jerk Personality?

It looks like Gerard Butler might have overly embraced his role in “The Ugly Truth” as a brash womanizer. Instead of denying rumors that he’s had affairs with his co-stars, he’s gladly fanning them! In an interview, Butler said:

“That’s how I live my life. Conan asked me about [Jennifer] Aniston, who is my co-star in the movie I’m making now, and I just said, ‘Yeah, we’re getting married. What the hell.’ Tell a joke, that’s my technique. But, I’m careful to also say that I’m marrying Cameron Diaz and maybe Joan Rivers. I like to tell everyone I’m going to be a busy guy.”

Smart move or is he playing up the bad boy routine a bit too much?
Keep reading »

Quick Pick: Dita Gets Ready With A Finger Bang

OK, so it’s the other kind of finger bang, but everything burlesque glamor girl Dita Von Teese does is sexy. And now Dita is the official spokesmodel for her own line of booze, “Cointreau Teese.” Drink it all in, people! [Hollywood, 7/22/09] Keep reading »

Study To Get To The Bottom Of Glass And Lesbian Drinking Habits

The University of Illinois College of Nursing just got three million dollars from the federal government to set the record straight about dykes and drinking. “Myths and stereotypes of lesbians as alcoholics and heavy drinkers are largely based on studies conducted in the 1970s that recruited most of their samples from gay bars,” Prof. Tonda Hughes said. She maintains the real drinking problem has nothing to do with being gay, but is encouraged by the usual social factors like sexual abuse and discrimination. So, back in 1999, she interviewed nearly 400 ladies who love to love ladies about their happy hour habits. Since, she’s been following up with them to check in on their boozin’. Now, as she preps to start the third round of her study, she hit the jackpot! With a few extra million dollars, Prof. Hughes will draw another 150 gals who are either Latino or African-American. “Our research is designed to provide a much more realistic picture of the patterns and variability of lesbians’ drinking,” Hughes promises. No matter the results, it’s a good thing someone out there is trying to prove that those Girls Gone Wild style lezzy profile pics aren’t the norm. [WBBM]

Keep reading »

Our Brains Identify People By Their Eyes

You know that expression: “the nose knows?” Well, it’s all wrong, sort of. A study of 1,700 people revealed that it’s actually people’s eyes that help us nose out (ha!) who they are. We check out peeps peepers first because the brain is quick like that, scouting out the most important info and saving the fluff for later. In fact, we can identify people by looking at just their eyes. This is not the case for the nose or the mouth. Interesting, right? [Daily Mail UK] Keep reading »

Gallery: Celebrities Who’ve Gone Nakey In Photo Shoots

28 Sexy Celebs Strip Down & Get Naked In Print

Lana Del Rey is a music-world Svengali and she knows it. There’s nothing I can say about her that somebody hasn’t said already, and better than I ever could considering I’m all kinds of ambivalent about Lana: as a singer, as a performer, as a persona, as a human being (part of me isn’t quite convinced that she’s not computer-generated). It would seem that the songstress has some unexpected fans, however, at British GQ, where she was named 2012′s Woman Of The Year. And, shocker, she’s naked on the cover! The special issue depicts Lana stripped bare save for a face full of dramatic makeup and a body dripping with opulent jewels. There’s something about this first photo that is charming to me — she’s not posing provocatively or vamping it up, and she looks really pretty and totally vulnerable. I also think it’s nice to see that she isn’t whippet-thin and has, like, thighs and stuff. She just looks very soft and not at all like she’s starving. Looking good, Lana! [Refinery29]

This got us thinking about other celebs who’ve bared it all for the sake of a photo spread. Just for fun, we decided to give you a little peep show. Go ahead, look. You know you want to. 

India’s First Porn Cartoon Is Banned

Thousands in India are mourning the loss of a very “public” female icon. Animated Indian porn star Savita Bhabhi was admired for her beauty, her wifely obedience and … her various sexual exploits. The not-so-ordinary housewife allowed fans into her home to watch her get hot and heavy with the neighbors, her boss, and even a bra salesman. (Really?!) But, unfortunately, India’s first cartoon porn star has met her end. After discovering the popular site posting Savita’s animated escapades, the Indian Department of Telecommunications declared the site obscene and forever banned Savita and her raging libido. Fans tweeted the news of Savita’s end, inspiring numerous eulogies and showing the government that Savita was more than a website of raunchy animated sex. Women, sociologists, and media personalities praised Savita’s inhibitions as a symbol of freedom, women’s rights, and a new type of sexuality in India. Seriously, the government probably should have left the site up. Apparently, tech-savvy folks are already trying to relaunch Savita. And now she’s got that hot forbidden fruit factor! But, for now, we’ll have to wait and see if Savita makes her naughty return. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

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