Is Christina Aguilera Copping Serious Diva-tude On “The Voice”?

By: Celebuzz / May 7, 2011
Uh-oh, could our favorite new show "The Voice" be nothing but the drama behind-the-scenes? According to new reports, judge Christina Aguilera “has taken difficult to a whole new level” with her behavior. The story claims fellow judge Adam Levine is particularly upset with her “above-it-all attitude” and that that the crew i… More »

Herr Karl, Before He Was King

By: Julie Gerstein / May 7, 2011
Back before Karl Lagerfeld was all leather and cigarettes and Diet Coke, he was a demure designer in a single-breasted coat. Seen here (far left) with a few models and fellow designer Yves St. Laurent, one could hardly imagine what would come. More »

Welcome To The Demented Dollhouse

By: Ami Angelowicz / May 7, 2011
Check out French artist, Marc Giai-Miniet's, series of demented dollhouses for the maudlin child. I would have been the target market when I was five. Instead of arranging and rearranging my dolls in their house, I used to decorate it with already been chewed gum to make the house look "grosser." The signs were alway… More »

Woman Gets Oral Surgery, Wakes Up With Irish Accent

When Karen Butler meets new people, they often ask her where she’s from. And the answer -- Newport, Oregon -- usually surprises them. Why? Butler speaks with what sounds like an Irish accent. But she didn’t acquire it from spending time across the Atlantic. She picked it up at the dentist’s office. Speaking about her… More »

Behold, Lady Gaga Paper Dolls!

By: Jessica Wakeman / May 7, 2011
GQ, a men's magazine (gay men's magazine?), debuted it's very own set of Lady Gaga paper dolls today. (scratches head quizzically) Wouldn't it just be easier to wrap a slice of bacon around a Barbie doll and shake its head around in dust collecting at the bottom of your makeup bag? [… More »

Fashion Flashback: This Dog Has Excellent Taste In Shoes

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / May 7, 2011
This photo from a 1944 issue of McCall's magazine has me torn: do I yearn more for the vintage patent leather pumps and ornate t-straps, or the adorable terrier who seems to share my taste in shoes? More »