A Chair To Cradle Your Nether Regions?

I just had the biggest WTF moment watching this promotional video for the Divided Salli Saddle Chair. It’s designed like a saddle with a slit in the middle and it’s supposed to be good for the lower back…and more importantly your genitals. The idea seems intelligible: it’s a chair that mimics your standing posture. Cool. Except that the video isn’t even a pinch of cool. Watching that close-up of the dude in spandex tea bagging the chair was just not okay. Skip to the 1:35 mark if you want your ears to squirm at hearing the most awkward pronunciation of the words ‘testicle’ and ‘penis’ ever. I dare you! Keep reading »

Bust Out Your Action Moves In The Tactical Corset

Hiiiiiya! You’ve heard about the life-saving purse and the real miracle bra, but now one manufacturer has dared to wonder: Ladies, are you sick of carrying a giant bag and wearing an underwire brassiere while you fend off bad guys? Well, then Foxy Brown, your day has finally arrived thanks to the Tactical Corset. This part purse, part bra, part bullet proof vest is not your great grandma’s corset. It zips on and comes with built-ins like a lipstick case, handcuff pouch, pistol holster, a whip slot, and a pepper spray holder all to help you fight off the men who will want to jump your bones once they see you in this functional little number! A woman has always got to be prepared for a variety of action. [Fark]

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Male Models Box, Make Us Want To Show Them Ours

We love to watch men fight for our attention, especially male models! Thanks to the creative geniuses at Paper Magazine, “The Friday Night Throwdown” pitted professional hotties, like Abercrombie & Fitches’ Zac Taylor and D&G’s Nick Lemons, against real boxers in the ring. While they got their beautiful butts handed to them, we say any shirtless man is a winner. [The Cut]

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The Nipple Bra And Other Bizarro Bras

12 Extra Special & Bizarrely Awesome Bras

This weekend, I was taking a cooking class with a friend when I was overcome with annoyance that my lips were chapped and my lip balm was tucked inside my purse all the way across the room. “Grr, I need lipbalm!” I whispered. “No problem!” my friend replied, reaching down the front her shirt and whipping out a tube of Chapstick.

We’re good enough friends that I don’t have any qualms with using Chapstick that was nestled between her bosoms (she later explained that the bra she was wearing is so roomy that she can store stuff inside the cups); but for those ladies who would prefer to store their miscellaneous crap alongside their own titties, there’s this miraculous invention: the Joey Bra! The Joey Bra has build-in pockets for stowing away everything from your credit cards to your iPhone, with no one the wiser. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Genius! I’ll have to tell my friend to get one — as soon as she gets properly sized, that is. [$19.99, Joey Bra]

All bras are not created equal! Let’s take a look at some other over-the-shoulder boulder holders than dare to be different.

When Twilight Fans Attack!!!

There are no words. Other than, I swear I was not there, don’t believe a word anyone tells you. [via DListed] Keep reading »

Liveblogging “The Bachelorette” For June 15th 2009

There are 10 dudes left, including three of my original picks — Jake The Pilot, Hottie Kiptyn, and Mark The Pizza Guy. Who will last past this round, in which Jillian takes the fellas to Whistler for a snow day? Find out, starting at 8 pm EST… Keep reading »

Quickies!: Designer Alber Elbaz Is Bringing Back The Power Suit

  • Designer Alber Elbaz was so inspired by Glenn Close’s “Damages” character, he’s basing a new line of power suits on her. [NY Mag] — I hope Hillary is reading this!
  • Adam Lambert is borrowing Lady Gaga’s producer, RedOne, to help him with his new album. [Perez] — We just hope Lambert doesn’t borrow Gaga’s style, as well.
  • Congrats to Megan Fox, who has learned that sex sells. [The Sun] — Yes, Megan, baring your legs from hip to toe while flaunting perky breasts will get you noticed. Congrats on figuring that one out!

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Where To Meet Him: Charity Fundraisers

This month’s Elle Magazine has kind of a good idea. Rather than logging on to Match.com or waiting to bump into a hottie at the grocery store, start scoping men at charity fundraisers. Why? Because if they care about a cause you do, then you already have something in common and an easy way to start a conversation. And since they had to buy a reasonably expensive ticket to get in, they’re bound to be a little more together than the guy you’d meet at your local dive bar. And, hey, if there’s no one there to your liking, no biggie—enjoy yourself and know you’re supporting a good cause. While I’m not saying to go to fundraiser events as a way of boyfriend shopping, I am saying that if you get an invite to a gala or come across something you’d like to support, it may not hurt to test the waters. [Elle]
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Panty Burglar Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison

Talk about a panty raid. Thomas Williams, a 25-year-old Ohio guy, was sentenced to nine years in prison today after stealing underwear from about 20 women since 2006. He got caught in April, as he trolled for new victims on Facebook, and when the police searched his house, they found more than 300 pairs of women’s underwear! In the end, he plead guilty to eleven felonies, including nine counts of burglary and misdemeanor voyeurism. He’ll be able to apply for probation after four and a half years. [AssociatedPress]

Um, don’t guys know that they can buy used panties on Craigslist? But more importantly, WTF? Why does a guy need 300 pairs of underwear for, unless he’s building a ship sail or insulating his house? Still, this crime surely isn’t worth nine years of his life. Williams is in counseling now, so do you think he got what he deserved, or do you think it’s a tad harsh for an unhinged panty-raider? Keep reading »

A Dream Wedding For Star Trek Fans

star trek enterprise

Destination weddings are all the rage in this recession, and now one lucky couple will get to live long and prosper with a “Star Trek” wedding of their dreams. The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is holding a contest to find a couple who wants to be married or renew their vows on the bridge of the Enterprise inside a Star Trek exhibit at the Institute. The deadline to apply is June 24, so engaged Trekkies, you’d better hurry up and submit a photo and paragraph explaining why you’d want to say “I do” on the Enterprise. Sadly, we doubt Chris Pine will be able to make it to the ceremony. [Franklin Institute via Luxist] Keep reading »

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