Quick Pic: Marc Anthony Gives Jennifer Lopez A Breast Exam

“Nope, no lumps!” [NYC, 7/24/09]
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“Twilight” Threads For Sale At Nordstrom, Of All Places

How convenient for rich tweeners who need both a $300 pair of shoes and “Twilight” t-shirt: Nordstrom will be hawking “New Moon” clothes come October 15. R-Patz obsessives can snatch up both a $32 “Team Edward” tee and a $30 necklace that features the family crest of the fictional Edwards clan. (There are tank tops and plaid jackets, too.) The price range is cheaper than we’d suspect from Nordstrom, but it’s also merch we’d expect to find at Hot Topic instead. Guess Nordstrom must really need the clams? [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Hello, Kitty (Chomp, Chomp) Goodbye, Kitty

Who says you can’t play with your food? While we never thought “adorable” was a word we’d use to describe our lunch, these Hello Kitty and cartoon-inspired bento boxes merit the term. Yum. [Irresistable.fr] Keep reading »

Gallery: Athletes’ Good & Bad Luck Girlfriends

kate hudson 072409 ap m jpg
It seems that nowadays a girl can’t just date an athlete without being labeled as his good or bad luck charm. If a celebrity makes an appearance at her beau’s game and he wins, she’s officially good luck and from then on, fans love her. Such was the case this week when Kate Hudson attended boyfriend A-Rod’s Yankee’s game and the Yanks took home their sixth win in a row. So now it’s official: Hudson is good luck. [NY Daily News]

But that doesn’t always seem to be the case. While some girls have been caught cheering on their men to major victories, others have been spotted in the stands when their boyfriends are playing at their worst. We’ve put together a gallery of the good-luck, bad-luck, and yet-to-be-decided girlfriends associated with star athletes…

Would You Take Your Dog’s Teeth Out So He Couldn’t Bite?

Cotton is a white poofball, an American Eskimo dog with perky eras and a long, lolling tongue. But underneath her cuddly exterior masked a mouthful of sharp teeth. Small-child-shredding, lawsuit-spurring sharp teeth.

Cotton’s owners tried all kinds of things to stop him from biting: a muzzle, puppy classes, books, videos, a dog aggression expert, a low protein diet and even an herbal remedy. They even tried less, uh, kind routes, like pepper spray and empty soda cans filled with rocks. (Jeez.) But nothing makes Cotton chill out.

So Cotton’s owners, the Krieger family, did something unusual. They had a doggie dentist zap away four millimeters of the pooch’s teeth using a laser. Keep reading »

Style Buzz: Daisy Lowe Is Quite The Cool Customer

  • “24 Hours With Daisy Lowe,” a reality show starring the British model/It girl, premieres tomorrow on MTV UK. It includes footage of her prepping for an Agent Provocateur shoot like the one above. Apparently, her life, is like, really fabulous. [Refinery 29]
  • Ten of Hillary Clinton’s staff members went on a jewelry shopping spree in Thailand while their boss was lobbying for stronger democracies in Southeast Asia. Everyone’s making a big deal over the fact that they spent $4,000 in an hour, but we’re guessing they all work pretty hard and about $400 apiece isn’t too terrible. [WWD]
  • Conde Nast has instituted an assistant contest of sorts, offering $500 extra to the best ones each month. This just when we thought it couldn’t get any more cut throat at the likes of Vogue and W. [Gawker]
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Quote Of The Day: Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Know Megan Fox

“Is she aiding in Africa or sitting in on U.N. conferences? Donating herself to something bigger than Hollywood? I’m not familiar with her work, is she an Oscar contender?”

— Angelina Jolie, reportedly in Life & Style, but who really knows

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Orphans Not Actually Sick, Twisted And Murderous, Like In “Orphan”

Breaking: orphaned children are not actually hellbent on killing their adoptive families, like Esther, the 9-year-old in the horror flick, “Orphan.”

Adoption and foster child advocates aren’t happy about how the girl is portrayed in the scary movie, and some have even started a Facebook group called “I Am Boycotting Warner Bros.’s ‘Orphan’ Movie.” Over one hundred thousand kids are in the foster care system and advocates are worried the Peter Sarsgaard/Vera Farmiga movie will reinforce negative stereotypes about the kids being problem children.

Fair enough point. While we haven’t seen the movie yet, we’re pretty sure, though, that most would-be adoptive parents are smart enough to realize their new little bundle of joy won’t be an actual demon (or whatever Esther’s problem turns out to be).

Next up, zombie advocates protest against the zombie rape scenes in Deadgirl. [NY Daily News]
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Jimmy Choo For H&M (And More Design Collabs We’ll Shop)

jimmychoo hm jpg
Jimmy Choo for H&M: The Jimmy Choo shoe, goal of outlet and sample sale treasure hunts across the globe, has decided to make itself recession friendly by making an appearance at H&M. Not only are cash-strapped shoe lovers rejoicing everywhere, but this news reminds us of other high-end brands that have either gone affordable or are about to, and how ready we are to gear up! [Jimmy Choo at H&M]

8-Year-Old Raped By Boys Who Aren’t Even 15 Yet

This is a sad story. If you are looking for something uplifting to start your weekend, stop reading right now.

Police in Phoenix, AZ, went out to investigate reports of hysterical screaming. They found four boys, all under age 15, and a partially clothed 8-year-old girl running from an empty shed. The boys, ages 9 to 14, now face charges ranging from sexual assault to kidnapping. Investigators say they lured the girl to the shed by offering her gum. Then, they held her down and took turns raping her for about 10 to 15 minutes. Keep reading »

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