Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Britney’s Getting Married And The Twilight Stars Find Love

It’s Wednesday once again. Which means that the tabloids are out, and there are oh so many stories on newsstands about your favorite celebrities that will inevitably blow your mind. Then tomorrow, you will hear that half of said stories are totally made up. Which is really half the appeal of tabloids, isn’t it, the constant push and pull? So you don’t have to actually buy these rags and waste trees, we’ve rounded up the juiciest stories, after the jump. Keep reading »

Crave: “Commencement” By J. Courtney Sullivan

Smith College is unlike any other American university. An all-women’s school, it’s an historically posh place for educating the elite (like alums Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, and Julia Child), yet at the same time, it’s a breeding ground for liberal lesbians so intense they’ll risk everything for a cause. You can’t really know what to expect there, which is what four dorm mates find when they start first year. The group, which includes a slightly-smelly radical, a lapsed Catholic, an engaged southern belle, and a prepster, become unlikely friends who navigate this special world where feminism is omnipresent, but comes in different forms from rules for girl-on-girl shower times to protesting sex trafficking. The first half of the book takes place at Smith, where much of the entertainment comes from learning about everyday oddities like acronyms for girls who go gay (SLUGs: Smith Lesbian Until Graduation). The second half turns more serious when the four women graduate and find themselves struggling to maintain their friendships and define themselves as feminist women in the real world.

Commencement may be billed as a great summer read, but it has far more depth than your average women’s lit. While fiction, Sullivan’s bright and witty prose weaves itself around real places—the ivy-covered paths of the liberal arts world and the imposing concrete streets of Manhattan—that feel familiar and relevant to real women. [$24.95,] Keep reading »

Is It Wrong To Call Your Toddler “Chubby Chubs” And “Greedy Guts”?

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy…was he?

Why can I still recite this nursery rhyme by heart even though I’m 25-years-old now?

Because I have hairy arms and my mom unwittingly drilled the rhyme into my head by teasing me about being her little “fuzzy wuzzy.” Yeah, kids remember what their parents said to them. I’m a testament to that.

But even I thought the advice columnists who discouraged a lady against calling her toddler “Chubby Chubs” and “Greedy Guts” were overreacting. Keep reading »

The Sotomayor Attacks Continue

In case Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor hasn’t been unfairly ridiculed enough, she is now being criticized for her membership in the club Belizean Grove, which she described as a “private organization of female professionals from the profit, nonprofit, and social sectors.”
Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Three’s A Crowd, Cowell

Simon Cowell brought not one, but two ex-girlfriends to the Royal Ascot Horse Race. And he only got one of them a flower, awkies! JK, that hat isn’t as big a tragedy as his social faux pas. Judging by the looks on their faces, not only have Simon’s hopes of a threesome been ruined, but so has the day. What a horse’s ass! [UK, 6/17/09] Keep reading »

Gallery: Guy Hairstyles Girls Should Rock

guycelebhair th jpg


When A Brazilian Goes Bad

It’s beach season again. We’ve already helped you with the lazy girl’s guide to getting a bikini body, but no matter what shape you’re in, no bathing suit will look good if you’ve got a forest growing on your nether regions. A popular solution: the bikini wax, more specifically the Brazilian. Being a mix of Cuban and Italian, I know the importance of the not-so-enjoyable hair removal treatment, but was shocked to learn taking it all off could turn my beach trip into a trip to the hospital. Women who wax down under are susceptible to cellulitis, a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection. Keep reading »

Take An Alternate Dating Route From Michelle Obama, Says Blogger

Single women can learn a lot about dating from Michelle Obama, but one guy advises black women to take a different route than Michelle did, before another man passes them by. Most of his advice is logical. Some of it, I have to admit, I’m not ready to hear and probably never will be. Keep reading »

Lessons From Dad: Be Both

We’re celebrating dads this week in preparation for Father’s Day this Sunday, June 21. What’s the best thing your father ever taught you? Tell us by sending an email to or tweeting @thefrisky. Keep reading »

The Blogosphere Privacy Bill of Rights

I am always a bit wary of writing about my personal life on the blogosphere. That being said, this is The Frisky and we are all about honesty and openness. Last Friday I took my first crack at publicly exploring a private issue. Not to air my dirty laundry to the world again, but I wrote about a problem I was having with my boyfriend. I was conflicted on many levels, not the least of which was wondering if it was even OK to write about him in the first place. In the end I decided to write the post. I had a lot of legitimate reasons for doing so, but I was also really really furious and didn’t care if he read it or not. Inevitably, he found out. He wasn’t upset with me, but the incident did get me thinking…. Traditional journalists have to protect their sources, but the blogosphere lacks a set of guidelines about what we can and cannot reveal about other people.This is why I feel the need to create The Blogosphere Privacy Bill of Rights. We need this, if only so we don’t scare away all our friends and family. Keep reading »

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