Rhode Island Lets Teenagers Be Strippers

When I was sixteen, most of my friends were working retail jobs at the mall while I answered phones and sorted mail as a receptionist after school. Great spending money, but admittedly a snoozefest. But a loophole in Rhode Island law allows 16-year-old girls a different kind of job opportunity. “Lucky” ladies in RI under the age of 18 are free to strip—as long as they stay indoors and are home by 11:30pm. Come on, they still have algebra to do! [CNN] Keep reading »

Style 911: “What Can I Do With A Vintage Chanel Suit?”

“My aunt just passed her old Chanel suit down to me, and obviously, I’m stoked. It fits like a glove and it’s lilac, which is kind of a fun color, but I just have one problem: As a 29-year-old, do I wear it without looking too matronly or worse, costumey, like I’m dressing up as Jackie O. for Halloween?” — Anabelle

Ah, this is a tricky one. We solve our reader’s most serious fashion crisis, after the jump! Keep reading »

“16 & Pregnant” Finale Shows What Life Is Like After Labor

Last night on the season finale of “16 & Pregnant,” Dr. Drew interviewed all six of the teens who gave birth in the show’s first season (it has been picked up for a second). Five out of the six girls ended up keeping their babies to raise, but it was the girl who gave her daughter up for adoption that had the biggest impact on viewers and Dr. Drew. Catelynn (along with her boyfriend/step-brother Tyler) showed an unbelievable amount of strength and maturity in making her decision to put little Carly up for adoption, emphasizing both before giving birth, after labor, and then again on the reunion that concentrating on what was best for Carly – not her own selfish desires – gave her the strength she need to see her decision through. Keep reading »

Church Of England Offers Marriage Deal To Unwed Parents

Since 20 percent of British couples getting married in a church already have children, and 44 percent of British children are born to unwed mothers, the Church of England is now offering a special deal: marriages and baptisms at the same time – for a cheaper cost. The two-for-one ceremonies are part of an effort to “woo people back to the pews and make the church more relevant and accessible to 21st century society,” according to The Guardian. A church spokesman told CNN this “is also a way to make the church more welcoming for unmarried parents and their families.”

Keep reading »

“Rooster Booster” Swimsuit For Guys Prevents Shrinkage

We may complain that guys lead a comparatively easy life (they don’t get pregnant, they get to pee standing up), but they’ve got their fair share of body dilemmas to deal with also. Take, for example, the effect cold water has on their oh-so-sensitive nether regions. Thanks to the Rooster Booster swimsuit, however, men no longer have to worry. The crucial details, after the jump.

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The Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky

Mercury Prize Recognizes More Women Than Ever

mercury prize g6 jpg
The 2009 Mercury Prize shortlist for the Album of the Year award has been released, and of the 12 nominees, five are women. This is a record number of ladies being recognized for the prize, which is awarded each year to British and Irish musicians for an exceptional album. Who are these five talented women getting praise across the pond? Let’s take a look.

What Crazy Legnths Have You Gone To Just To Avoid An Ex?

We told you about his womanizing at the Royal Ascot Horse Race, but now Simon Cowell has even gone and outdone himself. The American Idol judge invited seventeen of his ex-girlfriends to his 50th birthday shindig this weekend. What a moob, er, I mean, boob! You know he just wants his ex-gfs to fight over who gets to do him on his birthday. Or maybe he’ll make America vote them off one by one? Lame.
Seriously, what kind of celebration is that? Sure, it’s one thing if you cross paths to say hello and be cordial to someone you dated. But it’s quite another to rub them all in each other’s faces.

I, for one, have gone to extreme lengths to avoid my ex-man. Heck, I’ve literally turned into a ninja to avoid bumping into him since my gyno is around the corner from where he works. Can you imagine seeing him then? “So what are you up to?” “Oh you know, just getting my pap smapped cause I screwed some random dirty stranger.” Ugh. So, to avoid this scenario, I transfer subway trains two times and then I schlep an extra ten blocks just to not have to walk past his work or get off at his stop. Plus I always schedule my appointments in the morning, when he’s guaranteed to be at his desk. Whew! Hey, it’s rare to find a female oby/gyny willing to take on new patients, especially if she’s a slut like me. But that’s not all I’ve done for him, I’ve also avoided my favorite 90s band’s reunion tour and changed my fav bar all in an attempt to stay out of his way. Sigh, the things we do for love have got nothing on the sacrifices we make to avoid those we used to love! Wouldn’t you agree?

What kinda crazy stuff have you done to avoid an ex? Fill me in in the comments!

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Real Dating Advice For The Technological Age

Yesterday, I did an interview with CNN Live about Leonora Epstein’s article, “Automatic Online Dating Dealbreakers.” (You can watch it after the jump, if you’re so inclined, but please know the style department will be doing more about my hideous under-eye circles and lighting the next time around.) That same day, Julia Allison, blogging “sexpert,” was on MTV’s “It’s On With Alexa Chung” discussing the similar, but broader topic of dating in the realm of new media – texting, Facebook, online dating, etc. You can watch the segment above. She had five tips prepared for Alexa and then provided two others prompted by viewer questions. Some of her tips I could get behind, while the others kind of blew my mind. I’ll give it to you straight, after the jump… Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Business In The Front, Party In The Back

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart couldn’t hide their nerd love at a ComicCon conference for “New Moon.” Girl, if he still wants to bone you, despite the mullet, you know it’s L-O-V-E. [San Diego, 7/24/09] Keep reading »

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