Enrique Iglesias Doesn’t Kiss His Fans With Tongue

“I just get excited when I go on stage. I don’t do it all the time. I’ve got to be in a good mood, and I was in a good mood. There was no tongue.”

Enrique Iglesais explains his tendency to kiss fans who are pulled on stage during his concerts. My inner body language expert says the one to the left didn’t know what to think; her lips said yes as Enrique kissed her, but her arms crossed over her chest said no. [People] Keep reading »

Santa Gets Screened On The Way To The North Pole

Even Santa Claus is subject to TSA searches. Next time he’ll travel by sleigh. [The Daily What] Keep reading »

What Men Want: A Gift Guide For Every Guy

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The “Music Is My Life” Guy

When I first met my friend Kyle, our boss introduced us and said, “This is Kyle. Music is his life,” and then Kyle looked at me with a really serious expression and was like, “It’s true.” My first thought was, “What kind of a d-bag says that music is his life?” but then we bonded over our love of Nine Inch Nails and now he’s one of my best friends. We all know a guy like this, whether it’s a little brother who never takes off his headphones, a boyfriend who spends all his money on concert tickets, or a dad who loves strumming “Moon Dance” at any opportunity.

  1. Muse Logo Ornaments, $12 for 4, Muse Store
  2. Record Player, $71, Amazon
  3. Concert Tickets, prices vary, Ticketmaster
  4. Black Sheep Headphones, $50, Skull Candy
  5. Fender Guitar Picks, $6, Guitar Center
  6. The Who Poster, $17, AllPosters.com

“Zoolander 2″ Is In The Works!

“I just saw [Ben Stiller] now and we’re talking about doing another ‘Zoolander’ movie. … I think there’s a really good script and I think we’re going to do it.”

—Hansel, I mean Owen Wilson, makes our Christmas dreams come true. Normally, sequels are abysmal, but even if “Zoolander 2″ were 60 percent less funny than the original, it would still be amazing. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Simon’s Cat Does Christmas

Here at The Frisky we love us some “Simon’s Cat” videos, the line drawing animations staring Simon and his ne’er-do-well cat. The latest installment arrives just in time for the holidays with a fitting theme: “Santa Claws.” We think you can guess where this one is going. Once Simon’s cat gets left alone with the Christmas tree and gifts, there is nothing sacred, no item exempt from this feline’s tearing claws, no in-house tree that cannot be decimated. Keep reading »

Quiz: Can You Name The Celebrity Butt Crack?

Quiz: Can You Name The Celebrity Butt Crack?

We all flash plumber’s crack or even worse, ass crack, sometimes. But if you’re a celeb, the photogs are hiding in the bushes waiting for you to pick that wedgie. You may think you know everything about your favorite celebrity’s butt—but can you identify them by their crack flash? Find out with our name-that-celebrity butt crack quiz. Starting with the tush above … is it Charlize Theron? Kristen Chenoweth? Or Pamela Anderson?

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