August 10: What Are We Wearing Today?

A Thing You’ve Been Missing All Your Life: Fashion Cats!

Julie Gerstein / August 10, 2011

How excited am I for the new book, Fashion Cats (available on Amazon)? So excited that I made up a song to the tune of the “Spiderman” theme song that goes “Fashion cats, fashion cats, my two favorite things in the world collide … FASHION CATS!!!” [This is true. She has been singing itMore »

Blake Lively Played By “The Rules” To Catch Leonardo Di Caprio

Jessica Wakeman / August 10, 2011

The love affair of Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively has taken many twists and turns, but the strangest of all are reports that the “Gossip Girl” star reeled in the ladies’ man by following The Rules. Too young to remember The Rules? It’s a dating advice book published by two women in 1995 that prescribed… More »

Why I Swear By Aerosol Deodorant

Kamilah Black / August 10, 2011

Confession time: I have officially become a sweater. Not a soft chenille one that you wear on a cold day — quite the opposite, actually. This summer, I have become a sweaty mess in NYC’s consistent 90 degree weather. The very first day I noticed a bit of … moisture in my underarm area, I… More »

Mila Kunis Says You Can Lose Weight — If You Want To

Julie Gerstein / August 10, 2011

“I don’t think I ever fully realized what a human body is capable of doing. But I think I was also, in a beautiful way, incredibly naive. I believed that I could do anything. I never for one moment thought that I couldn’t do it. I believe in hard work. In self-drive and self-worth. I’m… More »

How To Score A Girl By Following The Movies

Julie Gerstein / August 10, 2011

To all the lonely, heartbroken blokes out there, wondering why they’re so unlucky in love, we’ve got an answer for you — actually 15 answers. Have you been watching movies? Because movies give you idiot-proof advice on how to land the woman of your dreams. Really, just close your eyes and pick one of these… More »