Study Aims To Get To The Bottom Of Lesbian Drinking Habits

The University of Illinois College of Nursing just got $3 million from the federal government to set the record straight about gayelles and alcoholism. “Myths and stereotypes of lesbians as alcoholics and heavy drinkers are largely based on studies conducted in the 1970s that recruited most of their samples from gay bars,” Prof. Tonda Hughes said. Apparently, lesbians have been getting a bad rap for being big boozers. Huh, that’s funny, last time we checked our old MySpace account, it seemed like the reverse: drunkenness leads to lesbianism … well, at least in photo ops. But Hughes thinks the real drinking problem has nothing to do with being gay, but is encouraged by the usual social factors that also affect heterosexuals like sexual abuse and discrimination. So, especially now, with the rash of wasted faux-lesbo co-eds mugging for cameras, this study is hopefully going to scientifically call bulls**t on the lush label for the whole lesbian community. Keep reading »

Gallery: K-Fed Gives Reality TV A Second Chance & Other Reality TV Double-Dippers.

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The future of reality TV just got a little more crappy. In an effort to pull himself out of the has-been bin, Kevin Federline is in talks to film another reality show about himself—this time replacing the part of Britney with his new girlfriend, Victoria Prince. But honestly it doesn’t matter who K-Fed’s co-star girlfriend is. Britney and Kevin’s 2005 reality train wreck “Chaotic” sucked the big one, and I doubt K-Fed Reality Round Two is going to be any better. He must flatter himself thinking people actually care so much they want to waste their time watching him try to rap. Oh and his little boys—Sean and Jayden will join daddy on the show. Holy exploitation! I hope these kids still have a chance to be normal. No official paperwork has been signed on this show, but I’m really curious to see what network will pick up K-Fed’s new show. And will he call it “Pathetic?” [NY Daily News]

K-Fed is just one of the C-list celebs whose back for more reality television. Here’s more reality TV double-dippers.

Quickies!: Angelina Jolie Makes A Visit To Baghdad

  • Angelina Jolie went to Iraq today for a day trip, visiting displaced families in Baghdad. [CNN] — Angie hoped her trip would bring attention to the issues facing displaced Iraqi families.
  • Kendra Wilkinson has been working on a memoir that will hit stores next summer. The book will focus on Wilkinson’s childhood, Playboy years, and newlywed life. [Us Weekly] — Because what else would she have to discuss?
  • Some Japanese men are starting a new dating trend: 2-D relationships. These dudes say they’ve fallen in love with their video game avatars, and some carry around picture or doll versions of the animated ladies to keep them company. [Jezebel] — While this form of dating is a great way to avoid rejection, it’s also weird and pathetic.

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Scraping The Bottom Of The Reality Show Barrel

Are they just giving away reality shows these days? Long-forgotten musicians, football players no one really cares about, an E! network host?! These people are not worthy of the average citizen’s 15 minutes, let alone a production company’s money. Seriously, TV executives are looking to the end of the F-list to find subjects for their latest shows. To prepare yourself for the absurdity that is currently, or will soon be, airing on a TV near you, here is a list of what executives have already green lit or will soon give the a-OK: Keep reading »

World Of Warcraft Is Almost, Uh, Cool?

In a desperate attempt to make World of Warcraft more socially acceptable, the advertisers for this geeky game started using celebs like William Shatner, Mr. T, Ozzy Osbourne, and Vern Troyer to promote it. The weird part is that this strategy has sort of worked. Keep reading »

Nine Stylish Ways To Celebrate National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

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Is Target The New Barnes And Noble?

Target is turning many books from flops into best-sellers. Each month, a panel of employees gets together and chooses some books, often from little-known authors, to be a Target “Bookmarked Club Pick.” The books that are chosen are published in special Target editions, and the prices are slashed. The books are put on the ends of bookshelves so shoppers will notice them more. Turns out, Target is quite the trendsetter. People have begun snatching up their picks, some of which are books that, previously, no one gave a damn about. Check out some of their picks, after the jump. Keep reading »

Obama Steps Up To The Plate For Henry Louis Gates

I’m so glad that President Obama decided to comment on this story, because it got me all riled up. Earlier this week, super-professor Henry Louis Gates lost his keys, and had to break into his own house. A neighbor phoned the police, saying that “two black males” were on the mansion’s porch, trying to get in. When the police arrived to check out the report, Gates was already inside. He showed his ID to prove that it was, in fact, his house. Things got heated from there. The officer kept asking questions, to which Gates responded, “Why? Because I’m a black man in America?” He was arrested for disorderly conduct. Luckily, the charges have been dropped. Yesterday, Obama defended his friend, saying that the officers acted “stupidly.” He even cracks a joke, wondering what would happen if he was caught trying to break into the back door of the White House. Keep reading »

Topless Sunbathing Out In France, We Help Them Cover Up With Lovely Swimwear

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[$69, Seafolly, Figleaves]

Horny boys all across the U.S. can now cross France off their list of places to visit because topless sunbathing is no longer legal there. (I’ll give you a moment to shed one slow tear here, gentlemen, before pointing out that most of the topless biddies I saw while there were of the older, not-so-sprightly variety.) While we sympathize with our French sistren (like brethren, but sisters), our grief is not so great that we haven’t the energy to help them through this difficult time. So, in the spirit of world peace and doing good deeds for our across-the-ocean neighbors, here are a few options for covering up your goodies on the beaches of France. (And, don’t worry, we’ll keep them extra small so the switch isn’t too much of a shock.) [The Cut]

The Status T-Shirt: It’s Just Like High School

The New York Times just wrote about how certain fancy-pants destinations have their own locals-only (or those in the know) T-shirt hierarchy. Most recognizable example: the Black Dog shirt from the Martha’s Vineyard tavern of the same name. As I read about the various East and Southampton and Sag Harbor T-shirts, all I could think was that it feels like I’m back in high school and playing the old game of who had the newest, best, most unavailable T-shirt. The “Ditch Witch” tee (preferred by the Montauk elite) is almost akin to going to a Phish or Dave Matthews concert and buying the $40 tee —but never, ever wearing it at the concert in question—back in the day. (Well, in the little corner of tiny-town-ville of Long Island where I existed, anyways.) Bonus points for the H.O.R.D.E. Fest or other all-day musical extravaganza. And the only sartorially ruinous circumstance? Everyone else having the T-shirt, too. Which I guess is kind of the point of this otherwise pointless newspaper article. [If the recession has knocked out the weave, is a status T-shirt the new It bag? -- Editor] [NY Times] Keep reading »

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