Shopping Guide: 8 Comfy & Sexy Sweatshirts

By: Annika Harris / April 23, 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Schools Conan In Headbanging

By: TooFab / April 23, 2011
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a huge metal fan. Like, huge. The "Inception" actor demonstrated his passion for headbanging on "The Conan O'Brien Show" Thursday. Because Gordon-Levitt no longer has long hair like he did in his "3rd Rock From the Sun" days, the talk show host was ready with wigs. Gordon-Levitt rocked out so hard --… More »

A Super Mario Brothers Proposal Is Not For Everyone — But It Was For This Girl

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 23, 2011
If my marriage proposal involved video games in any way, I would cry tears of despair. This chick, April, however, cried tears of joy when her boyfriend proposed to her after decking out their apartment like a Super Mario Brothers game. (This video is a year old, but sorry, it's adorable!) Maybe when April… More »

The Cupid Cabbie

By: Ami Angelowicz / April 23, 2011
Let me preface this for you non-NYC people by saying that most of the taxi drivers I've come in contact with are not all that friendly. Especially when I tell them I live in an outer borough. Forget it. I'm blacklisted before my ass even hits the seat. What I wouldn't give to catch a… More »

Mel Gibson Breaks His Silence Over Leaked Rants, Denies Bigotry

By: PopEater / April 23, 2011
Mel Gibson has finally opened up about the explosive audio recordings between himself and ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva that leaked onto the Internet last summer, inspiring a backlash many believe has killed the Oscar winner's career. "I've never treated anyone badly or in a discriminatory way based on their gender, race, religion or sexuality --… More »

How To Sleep With A Total Stranger

By: Ami Angelowicz / April 23, 2011
It is always difficult to navigate your way through your first night with a total stranger. As long as you are pleasant and remember to wear your sexy, see-through nightie, everything should go just swimmingly. [1940s Throwback]… More »