Infographic: What It Takes To Get An Abortion In The U.S.

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / June 14, 2011

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The feminist activist group Third Wave Foundation put together this incredibly informative infographic depicting what it takes for a woman to obtain an abortion in the United States. The graphic calls attention to “the barriers … that are overshadowed in current debates,” particularly those affecting low-income women who… More »

Whose Dress Would You Rather Steal: Emma Roberts Or Sasha Spielberg?

By: Julie Gerstein / June 14, 2011

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What Your Favorite Movie Dad Says About You

We Can’t Wait for Full Figured Fashion Week

By: Julie Gerstein / June 14, 2011

Get ready, girls: Full-Figured Fashion Week is just about upon us. According to the event’s mission, Full-Figured Fashion Week “will not only provide an opportunity for independent designers to market their collections to a wider audience, and a unique opportunity for plus models to gain more professional exposure on the runway, but also a chance… More »

Mommyrexia: When Moms Fight To Stay Thin While Pregnant

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / June 14, 2011

Ahh, new parenthood. Full of excitement, late nights, priceless memories, and small joys. But for some women, motherhood comes with a hefty price — MOMMYREXIA. An article in today’s New York Post explores the, ahem, important issue of moms — specifically on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, so specifically white and upper middle class/wealthy — who… More »

8 Ways Jessica Simpson Can Make Her Third Reality Show The Charm

By: Ami Angelowicz / June 14, 2011

Jessica Simpson has decided to give reality TV another chance. She’s signed on to be the celebrity mentor on NBC’s new series, “Fashion Star,” a “Project Runway”-esque design show hosted by Elle MacPherson. This will be Jess’ third attempt at a reality series — “Newlyweds” ended in divorce and “The Price of Beauty” ended i… More »