“Bridalplasty” Winner Allyson Donovan on Her Plastic Surgery, Dream Wedding Makeover

Allyson Donovan, the 32-year-old victor of the E! network’s controversial series “Bridalplasty,” may be the only winner of a reality-television competition to celebrate by getting cut.

Yet Donovan, an unemployed graphic designer and mother of 3-year-old Mason, did exactly that, having plastic surgery on her arms, chin, jowls and flanks (she calls them “woman handles”) and a breast lift before walking down the aisle to greet longtime love John for a dream wedding paid for by the production.

For Donovan, who beat nine competitors — including conniving runner-up Janessa Wainwright — her post-surgical suffering was nothing compared with the celebrity-style wedding the show bankrolled. She was also treated to a total smile makeover. “It was well worth it!” she tells us. Read more… Keep reading »

8 Famous Ladies Tell Us Who They Think They Look Like

look like megan fox jpg
Megan Fox is revered as one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she doesn’t see herself the same way. When some old childhood photos of her surfaced on her official fan page, she titled the album “I look like Steve Buscemi.” OMG that’s totally who she looks like. I’ve been trying to put my finger on it forever. This must be the best day in Steve Buscemi’s life. But seriously, I believe that qualifies as severe facial dysmorphia. After the jump, some other celebs tell us who they think they look like. [US]

Comfort + Sex Appeal = Lucite Converse

Finally, someone found a way to merge Avril Lavigne and Shauna Sand’s sartorial POV into one incredibly comfortable and classy shoe. [If Shoes Could Kill via The Gloss] Keep reading »

The Panties No Man Wants To See

Nothing freaks a dude out like the idea his deeds — both good and bad — might be blogged about. (Trust me, this is something Frisky bitches know a thing or two about.) That’s why you can get cheeky on your cheeks with these cute panties teasing fellas, “I’m blogging this.” Let’s hope you only sleep with dudes with a good sense of humor! [$7.99, Think Geek] Keep reading »

8 Reasons Why I Love Helena Bonham Carter

carter main jpg
When asked who she was wearing at the Directors Guild Awards this past weekend, Helena Bonham Carter replied, “I’m wearing huge breasts. It’s amazing what a corset will do. I’m not all that well-endowed. These are my Golden Globes. Who needs Golden Globes when you’ve got these?” I know, I know, she’s totally nuts, and totally unapologetic about it. That’s a quality I admire. Not to ignore her mega-talent, that’s a given. But it’s her eccentricity which I find enchanting. Click through to see some more reasons why I’m coo-coo for Bonham Carter. [Huffington Post]

Flowchart: What Comment Should You Leave On Facebook?

When someone you’re Facebook friends with announces they’re expecting via the social networking site, what’s the appropriate way to respond? College Humor helps out with this handy flowchart. See the full infographic after the jump! [College Humor] Keep reading »

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