RIP: Alexis Cohen, aka Glitter Girl, From “American Idol”

Sad news. Alexis Cohen, 25, who got attention for her two auditions for “American Idol,” was hit by a car and killed in Seaside Heights, NJ. Cohen is memorable for both the copious amount of glitter she wore to her auditions, but also her, um, unique singing voice, which made her rank high among the worst, but most entertaining, “AI” auditions. I thought she was kooky and fun and had a lot of chutzpah for flipping off Simon Cowell. The police are calling her death a homicide and are looking for the hit-and-run driver. RIP Alexis. [Dlisted] Keep reading »

Gallery: Fred Durst And Other Celeb Badasses Who’ve Been Tamed

durst 072009 g1 jpg
Tattoo-covered Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst got married to his long-term girlfriend, Esther, in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas this week. [PopCrunch]

We were pretty surprised to see this 38-year-old bad boy trading his wild ways for the domestic life, but he isn’t alone. Check out some other crazy celebs who’ve been tamed.

Gallery: Women Who Make Us Less Scared Of Getting Old

cloris bikini jpg
83-years-young Cloris Leachman posed in a bathing suit in the newest issue of In Touch and all I can say is HOT DAMN! Woman looks good for being in her 80s! What’s her secret? “It’s from making the right decisions. I always wanted to be healthy and look good. I taught myself in my mid thirties about eating right. I actually became a vegetarian at 35. Eating right really is the secret,” Leachman told the mag. [Huffington Post]

Even though I’m only 22, I have to admit that each approaching birthday makes me a bit apprehensive. So, thanks, Cloris for making 80 look awesome. So after the jump, a whole bunch of rocking ladies who make me excited to grow up.

Gifts You’ll Love As Much As Your Man Will

shoppingbags m jpg
Gift giving for guys is tricky. It feels like there are limited options to begin with, and it’s more than likely that they already own say, a wallet or watch. Here are a few gift ideas for those of you at a loss when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries or just because. Plus, we think they’ll make you happy, too.

Pajamas That Won’t Send Him Running For the Hills

gap 1 072409 jpg
Apparently it’s official: I wear the world’s least flattering pajamas. Or so said my mother on my last trip home — thanks Mom! Until her pronouncement and the accompanying wrinkle-nosed look of disgust, I hadn’t really considered the boner-shrinking qualities inherent to an ex-boyfriend’s athletic shorts and over-sized sweatshirts. But now that I’ve thought about it, it’s more or less ruined my relationship with the wildly comfortable athletic shorts with their missing draw string and amazing ability to add a solid ten pounds to my ass in a matter of seconds.

So while I feel like a traitor, out of consideration for my butt and my boyfriend, I’ve decided it’s time to try something a little less, well, disgusting looking every now and again. I have no plans to start wearing sheer night gowns or anything trimmed in marabou, but a wee bit of cuteness in the night time wardrobe might not be so bad. Care to join me?

This no-fuss nightgown is an easy way to start the transition. [$40, Gap]

Woman Offers Reward For Missing Christian Louboutin Heel

A woman in England is handing out fliers, questioning residents, putting up “lost” posters, and looking high and low in a desperate search for her precious missing…leopard print pump. That’s right, shoe-addict Louise Bawn lost one of her Christian Louboutin heels after a long night out and is so distraught that she launched an all-out hunt for her lost left shoe. She was gifted the heels by her husband and it was only the second time she wore them. So this psychotic Cinderella isn’t stopping at normal search methods. Come on, these are Louboutins! Bawn is also offering a reward for the person who returns the heel to her, since when she called Louboutin stores to see if they still make the shoe, she discovered that it has been discontinued. For now, Bawn’s right shoe sits cold and alone. The other one is probably sitting in the sewer, somewhere. At least now Bawn can up her home décor and use the right heel as a cool bookend? That way she’ll look fashionably creative and not like she belongs in the loony bin. [Daily Mail]

Would you scour the streets after losing designer footwear? Keep reading »

Get Fat At Home—Recipes For Fast Food Favorites

Skip the drive to the Golden Arches. Tell the Colonel he can shove it. Yo quiero Taco Bell…at home. All you need to recreate many of your fast food orders in your own kitchen is the new book, “America’s Most Wanted Recipes: Delicious Recipes From Your Family’s Favorite Restaurants.” Yeah, seriously. KFC’s secret ingredient unveiled, after the jump! Keep reading »

Shimmering Makeup Shades For Just A Dash Of Summer Sparkle

When it comes to summer beauty, it’s all about strategically playing up certain features that pop — and what better way to give your beauty look plenty of star power than with a touch of glitter? Now I know what you may be thinking: no, I’m not trying to make you channel Adam Lambert or force you to relive your preteen days experimenting with roll-on glitter gel and butterfly clips. Sure, shimmer isn’t exactly for the wallflowers, but when applied with a modest (and steady!) hand, it’s a bold beauty risk that pays off on any day of the week (not just on Halloween)! To avoid glimmer overload, stick to sparkling only one feature at a time — whether you opt for dazzling lips or shimmery cheekbones — and keep the rest of your face matte and minimal, for the most part. Over-doing the shine everywhere and anywhere may have you looking too much like a “Dancing With The Stars” contestant, even without the sequined salsa gown to tip you over the edge of what is considered wearable (and sane). Check the slideshow for some of my favorite glitzy products!
Keep reading »

Tour The Homes Of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”

housewives of atlanta 072309 m jpg
The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here — the return of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta“! To get ready for the second season premiere this Thursday, the housewives are taking us on tours of their homes. But I’m just happy to see the characters again, bump the homes. If you’ve seen one McMansion you’ve seen them all. Click through for the videos.

Would You Date A Dude Who Lived With His Parents?

According to a new study, a third of men ages 20 to 40 still live with their ‘rents. One in four of those who have moved out still keep a fully furnished bedroom at their parents’ house just in case they are forced to find their way back to the nest. As for women, only one in five are living with their moms and dads. So much for the assumption that men are more independent than women…

Keep reading »

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