Cool Career: Britain’s First Female Beer Inspector

Annabel Smith has a freakin’ sweet job, and the fact that she’s the first and only woman in Britain doing it makes it that much cooler. Smith is the country’s first female beer inspector. She works for Cask Marque, an organization formed by four breweries (and now made up of 34) that ensures their beers taste great after going out into the world. Traveling across the country, Smith sips beer from morning till night, and unlike wine tasters, she doesn’t spit out her drinks: “You need to swallow it because the sides and back of your tongue are the only places that detect bitterness.” Smith gets her taste buds tested once a year, and when she tastes an ale, she is gauging it based on it’s appearance, aroma, taste, and temperature. Keep reading »

Leighton Meester’s Sex Tape? Our Other Favorite (Maybe) Porn Stars

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Eddie Bauer Is Bankrupt, But Preppy Style Lives On!

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Eddie Bauer is one of the latest recession casualties. The clothing company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as part of a possible sale, but no worries, the preppy fashion resurgence can’t be stopped, especially in Japan. There are plenty of other preppy purveyors left, and we’ve got your boat shoe hookup.

Quote Of The Day: Paris Hilton Steals Lily Allen’s Blackberry

You might be having a bad day, but Lily Allen is having a worse one. [Twitter/LilyRoseAllen] Keep reading »

Happy 64th Birthday, Suu Kyi!

On my second birthday I was standing in a chair, greedily reaching for the gifts laid out on a table before me, when the chair tipped over and fell on my leg. I hobbled around for a few days before the doctors realized my leg was broken. Worst birthday ever, right? Wrong! Suu Kyi, a Noble Peace Prize winner and pro-democracy activist, has spent almost 15 years under house arrest in Burma. So she’s had a ton of awful birthdays. Today, she turned 64, marking the 14th time she has spent her big day in detention. Her lawyer was allowed to bring her some chocolate cake, orchids, and a few birthday wishes from friends, family, and supporters. He also brought rice for her security guards. Too bad he didn’t put sedatives in their food. Keep reading »

Lessons From Dad: Hedge Your Bets

We’re celebrating dads this week in preparation for Father’s Day this Sunday, June 21. What’s the best thing your father ever taught you? Tell us by sending an email to or tweeting @thefrisky. Keep reading »

I’m One Big Home Design Mistake

Nick Olsen, former Domino blogger and an assistant designer to the amazingness that is Miles Redd, came up with a list of first-timer decorating mistakes forThe Washington Post. Now, since I’ve painted and re-done my bedroom no less than four times over the past year, I considered myself to be over that beginner mistake hump. Ha, think again. As I went down his totally-helpful list, I realized that at one point in my life or another (and even right now, as I look up at a mirror hung horizontally over my couch) I’ve made every single one of the mistakes! Live and learn, I guess—but check his list out, it’s totally solid design advice! [The Washington Post] Keep reading »

Gallery: Shoe Jewelry And Other Foot Accessories

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A Sex Toy Vending Machine To Make Your Ladyparts Sing

This morning I was driven into orgasmic ecstacy when I found out about this sex toy vending machine. A brilliant company, called Tabooboo, has been marketing these for a few years but people are finally starting to take notice. Available mostly in the U.K., these bright pink vending machines sell 11 different products—including nipple clamps, heaven beads, finger bunnies, key chain rockets, and love eggs. Most of the products are pretty small and discreet although there’s nothing secretive about buying a sex toy from a vending machine. Best of all, they are cheap, about $9 each.

At our offices they just took away our first aid kit, and I think they owe us something. Although this machine costs $1800, if we can’t have band-aids and aspirin, at least we should have vibrators. Because an orgasm is the best painkiller there is. [Tabooboo] Keep reading »

Jennifer Love Hewitt And Other Celebrities Who Dole Out Advice In Self-Help Books

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Serial monogamist Jennifer Love Hewitt thinks she has enough experience in the dating department to come to the aid of the rest of us. After a failed relationship with John Mayer and broken engagements to Carson Daly and Ross McCall, Love Hewitt is pressuring her current beau to popping the question — and dishing out advice to single ladies. According to People, the actress is putting out a book titled The Day I Shot Cupid, which will address relationship topics like flirting via text and how to start over after a breakup.

While it’s true she has dated her fair share, we’re not sure Love has the know-how to help us recover from ill-advised late night sexting, first-date mishaps, and horrifying breakups. Just because you’re famous, doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing. But that little fact hasn’t stopped her or other stars from counseling us on their various subjects of expertise.

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