Introducing The New Ellen Tracy

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Forget what you thought you knew about Ellen Tracy because the brand, which is sold exclusively at Macy’s, is now going after a younger, chicer audience, too. I had the opportunity to tour the Ellen Tracy boutique at Macy’s Herald Square yesterday, and quickly learned that the brand is able to speak to older women, say age 50 and up, as well as the consumer between the ages of 28 and 49. The brand turns trends, like anoraks or embellished Tees, into classics by offering them in colors and shapes that mix easily with other Ellen Tracy garments and items already in your closet. Ellen Tracy is a separates-driven brand that offers “no-thinking dressing” — you slip the pieces on and you’re done without any readjusting.

Ellen Tracy’s fit is for a 50-year-old woman, not a 14-year-old stick thin model. And the brand even designs its pants, which Oprah lives in, for women with curves. The Betty Pant is designed for the woman who carries her weight in the front or maybe just had a baby. The typical curvy woman with an hourglass figure often goes for the Linda Pant. Many Ellen Tracy pants are designed without a fly or side pockets so there’s no excess fabric. Sleeves are also given a longer length on some shirts and blouses because arms are an area that makes some women uncomfortable. In addition to offering pants and separates, Ellen Tracy is known for its suiting — the boyfriend blazer is a huge seller. The suit pieces are classic, but have a small quirky element, like a satin tuxedo stripe.

While some Ellen Tracy fashions are available online at, I advise you to see the whole collection in person at the store. You can have fun styling the pieces to fit your lifestyle and get help from an associate who is hired and trained by Ellen Tracy, not Macy’s. Keep clicking for some of my favorite items from my tour.

Paris Hilton Reality Television Show, Take Three

Paris Hilton has taken more rides on the reality television carousel than, oh, pretty much anyone. And she is ready to hop on once again. First came five seasons of “The Simple Life.” Then MTV’s “My New BFF,” with its UK and Dubai versions. And just when I thought maybe Paris had matured enough to not place herself up for public spectacle any longer, a new Paris show has been announced, Oxygen’s “The World According to Paris.” But don’t worry, guys. This time we’ll get the real Paris. “When I did ‘The Simple Life’ I was playing a character that I created, and I had no idea it would last so many seasons, so I had to continue doing that character, so I think people assume that’s really how I am,” Paris says. “But when they see this new show they’re going to see the real me.” Oh, the suspense. Keep reading »

Little Girl Resists Eyebrow Wax On “Toddlers & Tiaras”

Fifty percent of the time while I’m watching “Toddlers & Tiaras,” I have my thumb poised over the “call” button on my cell phone, ready to dial Child Protective Services. This clips falls under that 50 percent. Watch a pageant mom force her 5-year-old daughter to get her eyebrows waxed and then curse humanity. Keep reading »

Vince Vaughn Wants You To Call His Daughter By Her Real Name

“If I just called her ‘Baby,’ then she’ll love the movie ‘Dirty Dancing,’ but she won’t know her proper name. No one puts her in a corner.”

Vince Vaughn explains to Ellen DeGeneres why he always calls his daughter by her full name. While Locklyn does seem a little formal for a one-month old, it will be lovely name as she grows up. Especially if she ever becomes a prison guard or locksmith. [People] Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend Grosses Me Out!”

It’s time again for “Shortcuts.” For every question, I’ll give my advice in three sentences or less, because sometimes the answer to a person’s question is so obvious and the need to hear it so great, being as clear and frank as possible is simply the best way to go. Today we discuss gross boyfriends, breakup closures, and whether to un-tag photos of exes on Facebook. Keep reading »

What To Look For In A Mate: Someone Who Talks Like You

See! Words really are the key to our hearts! I have always known this of course, but science finally got the memo. A new study suggests that a crucial determinant of compatibility in love is finding someone who talks just like you. Matching use of personal pronouns, articles, prepositions, and adverbs likely gets the chemistry flowing between two people. In fact, we are four times as likely to go on a date with someone who has a slightly above average language match to our own. Language also predicts how long we’ll stay together. Researchers found that couples who text or IM using similar language patterns were 50 percent more likely to keep dating than those who didn’t. I believe this is referred to as “good communication.” What a concept. Next time I go on a date, I’m gonna try repeating everything the guy says and see if he falls madly in love with me and my 100 percent language match. Just kidding, but that would be kind of an entertaining experiment, although he’ll probably think I belong in a psych ward. [USA Today] Keep reading »

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