Meryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher Is Already A Lock For The Best Actress Oscar In 2012

Meryl Streep is a better actress in this one still photo from the upcoming Margaret Thatcher biopic, “The Iron Lady,” than Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and Anne Hathaway in all of their films combined. Sit down and learn, bitches. Damn. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

10 Celebs Who Fancy Themselves Doctors

gisele beach m jpg
We were still trying to implement supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s suggestions about breastfeeding when she gave us some more her professional health advice. This time about sunscreen. She doesn’t touch the poison. Well, she would know. Today Dr. Supermodel revised her statement. “I would like to clarify the misunderstanding about the use of sunblock. I do use sunblock but also I try my best not to be exposed to the sun when it is too strong,” she said on her blog. I think what she meant is that she only uses the sunscreen from her all-natural skin-care line, Sejaa. After the jump, some celebs who love to share their expert opinions with us, whether we asked for them or not. [Huffington Post]

Cut Copy’s New Album Is Infinitely Pastable

Cut Copy, the synthpop outfit that has ruled my stereo ever since I first heard “Lights and Music,” are from Australia. So I absolutely adore that on their new album, Zonoscope, they take Men at Work’s classic Aussie ode, “Down Under,” and turn it inside out. This band knows how to craft a song that makes you want to move uncontrollably on a sweaty dancefloor, but that has way more soul and emotional content than, say, the Black Eyed Peas “I Got A Feeling.” Make sure to get a copy of Zonoscope. You will thank me.

[$9.99 Amazon]

Jason Sudiekis On Licking Zac Efron’s Feet, Smooching Jon Hamm

“Truth be told, I hadn’t done that in any of the rehearsals. I just did it on the air to screw with him. … Zac’s a nice guy, we got along really well, and he really enjoyed that scene. I thought, I’m just going to try it and make him fight me, but I was able to overpower him and stick half his foot in my mouth. I figured if anyone in the world has a clean foot, it’s got to be Zac Efron.”

Jason Sudeikis talks to The Advocate about sucking Zac Efron‘s toes in an “SNL” skit back in 2009. Well, to be more specific, he sprayed his foot with Pledge, drizzled it in baby oil and then sucked it. Yuum? [Huffington Post]

After the jump, Jason talks about kissing Jon Hamm in another sketch. Keep reading »

9 Celebs Who’ve Gotten Into Physical Altercations

fight shia lebeouf jpg
Naming a bar Mad Bull’s sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. I mean, don’t place the suggestion of anger in the minds of people consuming alcohol. Evidenly, Mad Bull’s has become a new hot spot in Los Angeles and over the weekend, Shia LeBeouf—one of the establishment’s famous regulars—ended up in hand cuffs after getting into a bar fight. Apparently, some dude called Shia a “f***ing f****.” A witness tells Radar, “Shia then lunged but the other guy got the first punch in.  He hit Shia hard in the face and split his lip.” The police rolled up quickly. “They handcuffed both of them and asked Shia if he wanted to press charges. He said no. Then they asked the other guy and he said no too, so they let them go and they went on their separate ways.” [Radar]

While we’re glad that this incident won’t send Shia to court, I have to say that throwing them ‘bows just isn’t cool. I mean, life isn’t an episode of “Jersey Shore,” people. Some famous folks haven’t gotten this memo. After the jump, celebs who have gotten into physical altercations. Bring on the restraining orders.

Quickies: Pink Tweets Her Pregnant Belly & Xtina Explains National Anthem Flub

  • Pink tweeted pics of her pregnancy after accusing the paparazzi of doing a sucky job capturing her impending motherhood in all its glory. [TwitPic]
  • Christina Aguilera says she messed up the lyrics to the National Anthem at last night’s Super Bowl because she got caught up in the moment. [Us Weekly]
  • Is Miley Cyrus dating Amy Winehouse’s ex? That’s so weird it should be illegal. [TMZ]

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