Why Charlie Sheen Keeps Winning And Lindsay Lohan Keeps Losing

At first glance the similarities between Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen seem to trump their differences. Both were wildly successful in their own rights — she in teen flicks, he in sitcoms. Both have addiction and relationship dramas, both have daddy issues and both screw up. A lot.

But while Sheen seems to be encased in kryptonic armor protecting him and his bank account from all of his misdeeds, Lohan can’t even keep a movie gig, and no one wants to pay her to do much of anything, even sell tights.

What gives? Is it a male/female thing? The age difference? I don’t think so. Sheen has simply made better personal branding choices. He gives America the product they want. Read more… Keep reading »

10 Misconceptions I Had About Sex Before I Started Having It

23 Bad Sex Moves
Don't try these at home. Or anywhere. Read More »
Poor Sex Etiquette
10 things that are rude to do in the sack. Read More »

Once upon a time, I was a very sheltered girl. Sex was the ultimate taboo – I thought it was dangerous, dirty, and I failed to understand how anyone could derive pleasure from it. In high school, when my friends started engaging in sexy time, their less than positive reviews of their experiences didn’t make sex sound any more appealing. It wasn’t until I got to college, and started meeting more experienced, sex-positive, empowered ladies that I started to cultivate a more positive view of sexuality. And when I finally started having sex with an incredibly sensitive man, I confirmed that a lot of my fear of sex was based on fallacies and lies.

Without further ado, here are some of my most misguided thoughts. Keep reading »

The 12 Best Alternative March Madness Brackets

alterna brackets g1 jpg
It’s not my fault that I just can’t get into March Madness. For starters, I went to the University of California at Santa Cruz, and the only recreational activities anyone took seriously were hackysack, bongo jam sessions, and pot smoking. I don’t think our basketball team — if it indeed existed — ever won any games of note. I didn’t know what the NCAA or March Madness even was until I started working at Maxim, and the lone time I actually did a bracket, I picked so badly I was basically out right away. It was pathetic. (I am not a complete sports idiot. I played Fantasy Football one year and came in at second place, never having seen a football game.)

All that being said, I like the concept of March Madness brackets — pitting things against each other, until there’s ultimately one winner. That’s why I love the array of non-basketball-related March Madness brackets, covering everything from “Saved By the Bell” and beer to The Muppets and cats. Keep clicking and maybe you’ll find a bracket you’ll actually go mad for…

Shopping Guide: 9 Dainty Rings Your Fingers Will Love

shopping guide dainty rings 031311 jpg
I’ve been a sucker for a huge cocktail-style ring ever since I was little girl. But I purchased a dainty ring that looks as if a metal string is tied around my finger and instantly fell in love. Dainty rings are a subtle accessory, but sometimes you can make the biggest statement with the smallest amount of words. Check out nine of my favorite dainty rings, including the one I actually own in slide two.

The Pop Culture Diaries: Jessica

I’m Disappointed I Don’t Have A Disappointing Gay Best Friend

Ugh, you know what’s more annoying for a gal than not having a gay best friend? Having a gay best friend that’s a total disappointment in the fun, fabulous, and fierce department. Like, what’s the point of having a gay bestie who doesn’t want to drinking flirtinis, dance to Lady Gaga, or get mani/pedis? What’s the point of being a gay man — or having a gay bestie — if you’re not going to be a walking stereotype? (No, seriously, I am actually just disappointed I don’t have a disappointing gay best friend like the handsome Tyler Coates, above, whose Twitter/Tumblr I follow obsessively.) [Queerty] Keep reading »

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