Quick Pic: Tweedledee & Tweedledumbbell

Does the couple that dresses alike to go to the gym get a better workout? [Los Angeles, 6/22/09] Keep reading »

Sarkozy Says Burqas Aren’t Welcome In France

President Nicholas Sarkozy stood before the French Parliament today and proposed a ban on burqas, garments that completely cover a woman and mask her face, in France. According to The New York Times, he stated: “We cannot accept in our country women imprisoned behind bars, cut off from social life, deprived of identity. That is not our idea of maintaining the dignity of women.” Keep reading »

Beach Cover Ups That Actually Make Sense

katie price cover up shot 062209 jpg
The point of a cover up: to take the near-nudity of a bikini and make it vaguely acceptable to wear in public. The function of Katie Price’s (aka Jordan) “cover up” during a recent trip to Ibiza: somehow making her look more trampy than she would in just a swimsuit. The mind reels.

In the hopes of helping you avoid similar swimsuit cover up fails, we’ve rounded up a few pretty ones that will leave you looking cute but appropriate, not seconds away from humping the next thing that crosses your path.

Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland” Is Going To be Amazing

Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors. I know “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by heart and left the theater with goosebumps after seeing his twisted remake of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Not to mention that I admire his constantly casting Johnny Depp! Which is why I could not contain my excitement upon seeing the new promotional photos for Burton’s upcoming rendition of “Alice in Wonderland.” It’s just like Burton to take a children’s fairytale and warp it, and by the looks of these pictures, we’re in for one dark fall down the rabbit hole. In this creepily surrealist version, Alice lands back in Wonderland 10 years after her first visit, but she has absolutely no recollection of being there the first time around. Oh, and did I mention that this movie will be shown in 3-D and that you can explore the CGI scenery thanks to this cool USA Today gadget?

Sadly, the movie won’t be out until March 5 of 2010. So to tide you over, here are our favorite of the publicity images. Keep reading »

Abercrombie & Fitch Closes Ruehl, But Do You Even Remember It?

So, it’s officially not a good month to be Abercrombie & Fitch. Hot on the heels of a lawsuit from yet another employee, the company has announced plans to close the entire chain of its Ruehl stores. What exactly is Ruehl you ask?  Well, if you can actually remember, the chain opened roughly five years ago and offered a “sophisticated” range of denim, casual separates, leather goods and fragrance. The pieces were priced slightly above A&F’s standard fare and targeted at post-collegiate men and women between the ages of 22 and 35. Well needless to say, it never really caught on and to date has lost over $50 million. Sucks to be a post-grad frat boy today! [LA Times] Keep reading »

We Knew This Was Coming: Google Unveils Its Next Phone

Google is trying to make magic happen twice with the launch of the mytouchG3, their follow up to the insanely popular G1 mobile phone. Hundreds of personalized applications and seamless integration with the user’s Google mail accounts made the phone an instant hit. Google has expanded on these features with fresh apps like Google Search by Voice, enhanced photo and video recording as well as instant one click uploads to YouTube and Picasa Web. The mytouchG3, which comes in black, white and merlot (fancy!), is available for pre-order July 8th and for national sale in early August. Assuming you sign up for a two year contract, it will only set you back about $200. The tech geek in me — that refuses to buy an iPhone! — is singing with glee.
Keep reading »

Crave: Heart Shaped USB 2.0 Flash Drive Necklace

We here at The Frisky are computer geeks. There’s no use denying it, and we wouldn’t want to if we could. You can still look cool as a geek because some tech-y accessories are just begging to be worn, vaguely embarrassing or not. Among them is this plastic heart-shaped flash drive, which makes our real hearts flutter. It’s red, it’s geek chic and it holds more info than our minds ever could. What’s not to love? [$12, DealExtreme] Keep reading »

No Smoking In The New Camel Cigarette Ads

camel concert ad 062209 g1 jpg
Camel Cigarette’s “Subtle Campaign” is just that. Instead of focusing on people enjoying a smoke, the company chose to highlight its brand mascot, but not how you’d think. The new ads feature an outline of the Camel that isn’t obvious, but it is kind of clever. These ads remind me of Absolut Vodka’s famous campaign, which focused more on the shape of the bottle than on its contents. The Camel ads were shot by Jan Steinhilber and have only been released in Europe so far, but we’ve gotten our hands on a few more. Let us know in the comments whether you think cig-less cigarette ads will curtail underage smoking. [Cyana Trend Land]

Q&A: Theory’s Istvan Francer On Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

Theory is synonymous with impeccably fitted items that have a look that is fashion-y, but at the same time simple and clean. Keeping in mind Theory’s emphasis on fit, quality and polished/chic look, I asked Theory’s Women’s Design Director Istvan Francer a few questions on how to wear this spring/summer’s hottest looks. Keep reading »

Bruno Opens Amsterdam’s First “Pink Light” Brothel

Visiting Amsterdam is a must for many college students hoping to legally smoke weed or patronize a prostitute. But the problem for some looking for good Dutch times is the exclusion of male prostitutes in the red light district. That all changed for a little while on Friday when Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen’s gay fashion reporter character alter ego, opened the first “pink light” brothel in Amsterdam ahead of the Dutch premiere of “Bruno.” “For too long, guys coming to Amsterdam from around the world have been forced to have sex with women,” Cohen said. “It gives me great pleasure to declare Amsterdam’s pink light district officially open for business.” Then, a dozen men wearing thongs stepped up to the windows of a three-story brothel. However, the men went behind the curtain once again, only to be replaced by the real red light prostitutes the moment Cohen drove away from the brothel. I guess Amsterdam will never provide guy-on-guy services under red lights. [Reuters] Keep reading »

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