Prince William And Prince Harry (Or “Baldy and Ginger”) Are Roomies!

Prince William and Prince Harry, or as the U.K. Daily Express calls them, “Baldy and Ginger,” are doing flight training together in Shropshire, which sounds suspiciously like “Hobbit” territory to me. William is training to become a search and rescue pilot, while Harry will fly attack helicopters and recently spent ten weeks serving in Afghanistan. The two are now roommates for what Harry calls, “the first and last time we will be living together.” [Hello Magazine]

Of course, being hot young princeys, they’re always up to no good and enjoy many topless pillow fights. No, but seriously, how cute is it that they have to live together and take care of each other and give each other sponge baths? Okay, so I’m being wildly inappropriate, but here are their latest royal ramblings on the subject. Keep reading »

Album Drop: The Latest From Regina Spektor, Deer Tick, Dinosaur Jr., And The Mars Volta

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. It’s new record release time! This week, Dinosaur Jr. farms some fresh produce, Regina Spektor takes an adult naptime, Deer Tick stings our heart, The Mars Volta strips down, and God Help The Girl saves musicals. Keep reading »

Should Schools Ban Kids From Starring On Reality TV?

I remember a few years ago when I was an intern at New York magazine, I helped Vanessa Grigoriadis on an article about NYC families with only children. One afternoon she asked to me to go up to the neighborhood where a lot of prep schools can be found, find some high school-age only children and get their contact info. Although a few only children were willing to talk to me, more than a few of the high schoolers told me, to paraphrase, they weren’t supposed to talk to the press because we made them look bad. Keep reading »

Copycat Hair: How To Get Kim Kardashian’s Fake Bob

bob spl g1 jpg
Kim Kardashian recently did the red carpet thing with a chic little bob—and she didn’t chop even an inch off her hair to get it. It’s a faux-bob and long-haired celebs have been rocking the look for the past year or so, Kim’s just the latest in a long line. Kinda sorta want to try it out on yourself? It’s not insanely hard, actually…

Step #1 Start with sorta dirty hair (unwashed hair is the key to pretty much every up-’do because the second-day oil equal major texture and lots for hair pins to cling on to). If you’ve got stick straight hair, drag out the curling iron (or curl your hair in rollers if you got ‘em) and wind random sections around the barrel of a one inch or larger iron. The more haphazard the better. Keep clicking for more faux-bobs and additional instructions.

Perez Hilton Not Getting Much Sympathy From Hollywood

perez tweets mayer jpg
John Mayer Vs. Perez

Speidi Haters Vote The Couple Off E! And Others We Want To Disappear

heidi spencer pratt 062309 splash g14 jpg
Fans of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” didn’t get the opportunity to control Heidi and Spencer Pratt’s destiny. But E! viewers did. More than 94 percent of the network’s audience voted to expel the fame-whoring couple from E! altogether. Seriously. Don’t even expect E! to discuss their takeover of the “I’m a Celebrity” reunion special Wednesday — unless — there’s some real news, like that she’s pregnant, he falls off a cliff, or her album makes it to No. 1. Well, none of those events seem likely. [E! Online]

Oh, but there are so many other annoying personalities we wish we could vote off TV, the internet, and tabloids. Here’s who we’d get rid of without a second thought.

Brits Thought Federer’s Outfit Was Silly, We’ve Seen Worse

federer gold 062309 jpg
Roger Federer and the gold lame-trimmed white tennis suit he wore at Wimbledon received a lot of flack in the Brit press this week. The Telegraph even felt compelled to mention the sartorial misstep twice, once in an article about Wimbledon as a whole and a second time in a “what the eff was he thinking?” Federer-specific post. [The Cut]

We’re willing to look past Federer’s lovely looks and mad tennis skills for a moment and acknowledge that, yes, the military-inspired, Broadway-ready outfit may not have been the most amazing choice. But when it comes down to it, we’ve seen a hell of a lot worse. Check out far more offensive tennis court missteps after the jump.

Harry Potter And His Hogwarts Friends Sing

Around The Frisky office, I get mocked for being mildly obsessed with Harry Potter. Sure, the series isn’t as sexy as vampire stories like “True Blood” or “Twilight,” but Harry’s glasses turn me on. Needless to say, I am excited to watch “Harry Potter the Musical,” a parody created by Potter fans, while I await the July 15 release of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” [via Flavorwire] Keep reading »

Have You Ever Shoplifted?

This statistic absolutely blew me away: according to the Guardian, women in the U.K. are nine times more likely than men to shoplift. And they’re good at it, as only one in 48 shoplifters gets caught!

Why is it that shoplifting is such a female-heavy crime? Is it because shoplifting is criminal, but not aggressive, which could be an attribute women want to avoid? Or is it because women earn less money than men do so we’re trying to make up for what we can’t afford to buy? Keep reading »

Teens Aren’t Keen On Using Contraception, But That Doesn’t Mean They’ve Stopped Going At It

It’s a good thing abstinence-only advocates are tweaking their message, because the old one didn’t seem to be working. According to a study from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and the Guttmacher Institute, teens’ contraceptive use declined 10 percent from 2003 to 2007, but their level of sexual activity remained the same. The study’s authors believe the findings suggest a link between the decrease in contraceptive use and the rise in abstinence-only education during former President George W. Bush’s administration. Unsurprisingly, the proportion of births to unmarried women also saw an increase. [Medical News Today] Keep reading »

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