An Open Letter To Girls Who Say “Daddy”

By: College Candy / June 12, 2011
Note: Let me first start by saying this excludes anyone 8 and younger and for now we are not going to even start with the girls who call their boyfriends “Daddy.” Right now, I’m looking at the 16+ crowd who still, for some really weird reason, need to call their fathers “Daaaadddddddy.” Ladies, this isMore »

Blake Lively Sabotages Ryan Reynolds With Cupcakes

"[Baking cupcakes] was just a way to sabotage Ryan. He was working out as much as he was, and I’m the girl. I’m supposed to look better." Blake Lively jokes at a "Green Lantern" press conference about why she baked so many cupcakes while making the movie. Or at least, she's sorta joking here. Something… More »

Sad Models Stranded On The Beach

By: Julie Gerstein / June 12, 2011
Lars and Bjorn made a disastrous mistake when planning their gloomy picnic. More »

Britney Spears Secretly Engaged?

By: Starpulse / June 12, 2011
Britney Spears is secretly engaged to her longtime boyfriend Jason Trawick, according to a British report. The pop superstar has been dating Trawick for two years, and has expressed her desire to set up home with her beau, who recently relinquished his role as her agent so they could concentrate on their relationship. Spears' re… More »

Old Navy Ad Pokes Fun At Men’s High Fashion

Old Navy ads are usually a bit grating, what with their aggressive musical numbers about sundresses and those obnoxious talking mannequins. But this new one is pretty amazing. In it, male models pose in a bunch of bizarre situations—whilst carrying a sheep, whilst screaming on a couch wearing a vicar's cap, whilst twirling in a… More »

Inside Ed Hardy Creator’s Surprisingly Non-Tacky Home

By: TooFab / June 11, 2011
What comes to mind when you think of Ed Hardy? Tattoos? Tigers? Tacky? The man behind the brand, french designer Christian Audigier, has listed his Los Angeles mansion for sale. The asking price? A cool $8.625 million (the home was bought for $4.78 million in January 2007). The seven bedroom, seven bath home is 8,276… More »