Saudi Women Plan Major Protest Of Driving Ban On June 17

By: Jessica Wakeman / May 24, 2011
On June 17, women in Saudi Arabia are planning a protest of the country's ban on women drivers en masse by getting behind the wheel. Women in Saudi Arabia are forced to rely on male relatives or male drivers to get anywhere by car, and are not allowed to travel outside the… More »

I’m Not Impressed By The Triple Double Oreo

By: Ami Angelowicz / May 24, 2011
Who does Nabisco think they're fooling with their new Oreo? Word on the interwebs is that Oreo is releasing a new varietal this summer called the Triple Double Oreo, which features three layers of cookie, two layers of cream -- one white cream and one chocolate cream. They are billing it as "the most indulgent… More »

Shopping Guide: What To Wear To A Formal Wedding

By: Annika Harris / May 24, 2011

Do Not Want: A Necklace With Lash Appeal

By: Julie Gerstein / May 24, 2011
Ahhhh! Somebody stop this Stephanie Simek necklace from winking at me! [$82, Oye Modern]… More »

ABC’s New Comedy, “Work It,” Puts Straight Guys In Drag

By: Jessica Wakeman / May 24, 2011
You know what's really funny, guys? Putting men in women's clothes! Haw, haw, haw, haw, haw! Thus is the premise of ABC's new comedy, "Work It," about two men who can't get hired for any jobs because women are better educated, so they don wigs, skirts, and makeup. What follows is a comedy of error… More »

Girl Talk: Dressing Vs. Dieting

By: Sally McGraw / May 24, 2011
Every winter, I pack on about 15 pounds. I live in Minneapolis, which means that my city may be blanketed in snow from early-November through mid-May, and all that dark, oppressive, endlessly cold weather makes vigorous exercise and light, healthful foods seem about as appealing as major dental work. But despite the fact that my… More »