Star Couplings: Jay-Z Still Hates Chris Brown

  • Jay-Z reportedly threatened to cancel his performance at the BET Awards if Chris Brown was allowed to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. [New York] — I wonder how Jay feels now that Rihanna wants to work on her “friendship” with Chris.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have released a photo of their week-old twin daughters. [Dlisted] — Son James Wilke doesn’t look too thrilled, though.
  • Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, T.I.’s fiancee, and Antonia “Toya” Carter, Lil Wayne’s ex-wife, will star in the reality show “Tiny & Toya,” airing June 30. [AP] — Hot mess!

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Quick Pic: Mariah Carey Got A Sex Change?

Well, not really, but that is Mimi, cross-dressing at her video shoot for her song “Obsessed.” She’s a beautiful woman, but a hideous man. [NYC, 6/29/09] Keep reading »

Does This Animal Rights Ad Go Too Far?

In America, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are well known for their shock-tactic ads, but they’re not the only pro-animal rights organization willing to go overboard with advertising in order to bring attention to the cause. Wakker Dier, which means “Animal Awake,” is a Dutch organization that’s Europe’s PETA counterpart. For their campaign, they hired Dutch Playmate and fetish model Ancilla Tilia to play the part of a stripper who gets clubbed and stripped like an animal. Watch it, after the jump, but be forewarned it’s fairly graphic.

While PETA’s ads have a tendency to be more silly than shocking, this ad is a real eye-opener. But does the video get across the organization’s mission? Does watching a fetish model get “clubbed” and “stripped” make people more sensitive to animal rights? Or does the viral path this ad will take mean more people will be thinking about animal rights than they were yesterday? [ANIMAL via Copyranter] Keep reading »

Animals That Die After They Lose Their Virginity

squid ufl 62909 m jpg
Over the weekend I was so busy being cool, I didn’t have any time to watch some random documentary on squids. But if I had watched that nerdy movie, I would have learned that some male squids go right from boner to bummer because they die right after they mate. And you thought losing your virginity was rough!

But it turns out that sex and death go together for a lot of male animals— not just David Carradine. (Too soon for Carradine jokes? Sorry.) Anyway, here are some more weird animal sex facts about animals that make sweet love before it kills them. Sigh, at least my sex life is better than that!

Gay Rodeo Clown

I knew that I was a lesbian very early on. As I reached my twenties, it was clear that I was a butch lesbian, with more “male” energy than “female.” But my long hair and curvy body was not supporting my self-image. That had to change. It’s not that I wanted to be a guy exactly, I just wanted to be able to pass as one—the hair, the look, the attitude. For me, it was not about altering my body so much as it was about altering my hair. The right haircut would put a swagger in my step, a bit of mischief in my eye, and help me attract the femme woman of my dreams. Keep reading »

China Cracks The Whip On Porn

Does anyone else thinks it’s crazy that China has gone apes**t on the porn industry? Yes, porn has been illegal in China since 1949, and there were big old crackdowns on “spiritual pollution” in the 1980s. But recently, the government decided to really get down and dirty with the industry. In 2002, they passed a law whereby censors can look at normal folks’ emails and websites to make sure there was no questionable content involved. Then in 2005, the government locked up Chen Hui, the creator of China’s biggest porn site, and sentenced him to life in prison. In May, the government shut down Love Land, a sex-themed amusement park, before it even opened. Last week, the government started blocking Google on some computers because, well, it’s obviously the portal to sin. Starting on Wednesday, every single computer sold in China will automatically have software installed to keep the owner from surfing for or downloading porn.
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Brass Knuckles Made For Looking Good, Not Evil

brass knuckles g10 jpg
Alexander McQueen
Knuckle Duster Patent Leather Clutch, $1,595, Saks Fifth Avenue

When used for violence, brass knuckles cause more hurt for the recipient of the blow. When incorporated into fashion accessories and other goodies, knuckle dusters add a certain toughness to rings, coffee mugs, and even soap.

Quick Pic: Hair Bows Are SO Two Months Ago

This summer, Lady Gaga says it’s all about hair buttons. [Manchester, U.K., 6/29/09] Keep reading »

Oh Hell No: Denim Tube Tops For Men!

Oh, Jean-Paul Gautier, you never cease to entertain. At his Spring 2010 menswear show the designer has a few of his male models strut down the runway in denim tube tops. While I don’t think this is a trend that will trickle down to the masses, will fashion-obsessed celebs like Kanye West embrace it? Guess we’ll see… [] Keep reading »

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along (In The Lady Blogosphere)?

The only thing that I think I actually am naive about is that we all might be able to get along. Keep reading »

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