Quick Pic: Rihanna Does Her Best Stormtrooper Impression

[NYC, 6/29/09]
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American Apparel Diversifies Its Offerings With Bedding

American Apparel has been a mecca of hipster clothes since it debuted more than 10 years ago. But how much longer can people continue to wear deep V-neck shirts, gold lamé leggings, and hot pants? The company seems to know that the demand for these products could wane, so they’ve been adding new items to their stable lately. First it was butt-less tights, then scrunchies, and now the company is selling sheet sets. If AA is getting into the home decor business, we have a few ideas for what else they could make with their fabrics of choice. Keep reading »

Quote Of The Day: Is Nora Ephron A Pessimist? Or A Realist?

“If you want to be a successful and you are a woman, you have to understand that there’s all kinds of horrible stuff that comes with it and you simply cannot do anything about it but move on.”

—Nora Ephron, director of “Julie & Julia,” “Sleepless In Seattle,” “You’ve Got Mail”…and basically every other chick flick you’ve ever seen. [The New Yorker] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Chocolate Covered Fashion

Mmm…shoes. Parsons graduate Jamie Chung’s work embodies how we sometimes feel upon seeing an unattainable pair of expensive shoes, of wanting something so perfect, that the desire makes you ravenous. Her ring with a piece of gum for a rock, however, elicits the opposite reaction, making us imagine how we’d feel if someone proposed with a lame ring. Chew on that, sweetie. [Jamiechung.com, Trendhunter] Keep reading »

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Boytaurs

boytaur 062909 g1 jpg
Instead of worshiping athletes and heartthrobs, I’ve always been more obsessed mythological men and circus freaks. I have a soft spot for Tree Man and am totally rooting for Wolfboy on his new dating show. Weird…I know. I am intrigued by the concept of having your oddness on display for the whole world to see, since I keep my fairly well hidden. But I guess it’s impossible to hide a branch growing out of your hand or a full coat of fur on your face? Either way, I am a sucker for an anomaly.

For all you ladies out there like me, I have discovered a new site called Boytaur.net—a collection of dudes with “at least” four legs (yes, sometimes including the penis, you dirty birds). Think boy on top, pony down below. I strangely kind of agree with the website when they say, “There’s something wildly, almost primally, attractive about a guy with four legs.” Giddy up! Here some of my favorite-featured Boytaurs, like this one who looks so pensive and thoughtful with his sweet face and his Vulcan ears. It’s not easy having hoofs.

Gallery: MJ Tributes, Free (Insert Poor Celeb) Tees, And Other Celeb-Inspired Shirts

celebshirts th jpg


What’s The Link Between Abortion, Miscarriages And Premature Births?

One abortion or miscarriage raises the risk of giving birth to a premature baby by 20 percent, while two abortions or miscarriages raises the same risk by 90 percent, according to Dr. Robbert van Oppenraaij of the Erasmus MC University Medical Center in The Netherlands. Dr. van Oppenraaij presented his findings, which are based on 75 studies about complications during pregnancy between 1980 and 2008, at European Society of Human Production conference in Amsterdam this week. [Mirror UK] Keep reading »

You + Me = Us, Dating Height Calculus

Yesterday I wrote Advice For The Vertically Challenged and was surprised by some of the comments. Many quite fairly pointed out that perhaps my definition of “short” should be revised, or that I should be clear that just because I feel short at 5′ 5″ does not make this height or anything bellow it qualify as “short.” What really struck a chord with me, however, were comments concerning height differences when it comes to dating. I started thinking about my own reasons for feeling short and realized that it was mostly due to the fact that most of the men I have dated have been at least six feet tall. Hmmm, I wonder… Keep reading »

Meghan McCain Wants Us To Forgive Mark Sanford

This week Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain takes on Mark Sanford — or, rather, she takes on those who are calling for his resignation, writing that he should be forgiven for his affair and that “it’s of very little concern to me who elected officials sleep with.” While I am inclined to agree with her in general, Sanford’s actions, like those of the many other politicians of late, represent an obnoxious hypocrisy which gives them the authority to preach family values while shirking them in their personal lives. Sanford (who McCain has spent personal time with), for example, was a vocal critic of President Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky debacle. Nevermind the fact the dude went MIA from his job for five days to romance his darling Maria. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Sarah Jessica Parker Shows Off The Twins

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have released their first family pic with newborn twin girls, Marion and Tabitha (who a surrogate popped out last Monday), alongside big brother James Wilkie. Looks like this family won’t be going the gender-neutral route—notice how the girls are in pink and the boys are in blue. [People]

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