Star Couplings: Jennifer Hudson Has A Baby Boy!

  • Jennifer Hudson gave birth to a boy last night. She and her fiancé, David “Punk” Otunga, named him David Daniel Otunga Jr. [Media Takeout] — That name is such a snooze-fest. I like children to have their own identity.
  • Jon Gosselin said he was glad Kate wasn’t around for the renovation of their kitchen, which was chronicled on last night’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” because her constant complaints about the mess would have been “annoying.” [Us Weekly]
  • Remember last week when we told you Emmy Rossum and boyfriend Justin Siegel broke up? Well, it turns out they were secretly married. [E! Online] — This makes breaking up a little more complicated.

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Should Boys Compete In Beauty Pageants?

Are boys becoming girls? They’re already getting mani/pedis and are competing in glitzy beauty pageants. It seems a new generation of boys is being raised to obsess about their looks like their female counterparts. This video, from season one of TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras,” features Heather Hughes, mom of Hayden and Maverick. In the clip Heather expresses a desire to turn her sons into little girls. “These are my girls that I never had, so I’ll just turn them into girls,” she said when asked why she started entering them in pageants. Keep reading »

Baby Comes Back From The Dead!

After doctors in Paraguay tried to resuscitate a premature baby for an hour, they gave up and pronounced him dead. They issued a death certificate and put the baby in a box. The baby’s father was carrying the box containing his sons “remains” to the funeral when he heard a small cry. Daddy opened the box and found that his child was breathing. Apparently, the kid’s pulse was so low that the doctor couldn’t detect it. Now, this preemie is back in intensive care, hopefully with a different doc. It sounds like a Stephen King novel, but let’s hope the little guy pulls through. [Guanabee] Keep reading »

How Did You Spend Your Wedding Night?

If you’re newly married, like I am, New York Magazine has a question for you. While they couldn’t care less about the “amazing D.J. who complied with your drunken friend’s repeated requests for Journey” or any other detail about your wedding day, they are interested in your wedding night. Specifically, they want to know if you got busy with your new spouse. Replies will be published (anonymously, of course) in their winter “Weddings” issue. For the record, after an intense week and a very emotionally-heightened day, I passed out fully clothed in a drunken stupor sometime between 2 and 3 a.m. on my wedding night. There were, however, several free hours between our lunch reception and the after-party at our apartment, and when someone asked how we were going to fill the time, I replied, “Consummate and decorate,” and that’s exactly what we did. [via NY Mag] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: May We Suggest Some More Weather-Appropriate Footwear?

Hermes debuted their A/W 2009 ad campaign featuring Raquel Zimmermann at the Ice Hotel in Sweden. We assume this is her real foot. Or does it belong to a stand-in? [Fashionologie] Keep reading »

“The Sartorialist” Book Is Here!

What do Kanye West, famed fashion photographer Mario Testino, Vogue France editor Carine Roitfeld, and New York Times reporter Cathy Horyn all have in common? They all heart photo blogger Scott Schuman. Like, a lot. Keep reading »

I Wanna Dress Like: Peggy Olson From “Mad Men”

peggy olson dress like g1 jpg
Joan Holloway is the style idol most women talk about about when it comes to the fabulous clothes in “Mad Men.” But not all of us can be Joans, can we? Even though she has those awkward-looking bangs, Peggy Olson‘s wardrobe has progressed as quickly as her career at Sterling Cooper has. Sure, she’s still got that whole innocent-librarian thing going on, but Peggy has finally started dressing like the woman she is. Click through for dresses with nipped waistlines, A-line skirts, tie-neck blouses, and sleeveless jackets that’ll get you that promotion in no time.

Skimpy Speedos Banned At UK Resort

First, France bans topless sunbathing. Now this! OK, maaaaaaybe this is a publicity stunt, but Alton Towers, a UK resort with a bitchin’ water park, has banned guys from wearing Speedos and other tight swimming trunks. According to Yahoo, Speedos are now verboten in order to maintain a “family friendly” atmosphere and to “prevent further embarrassment among members of the public.” It’s unclear whether it’s the dignity of the Speedo-wearers or the gentle eyes of Speedo-oglers that the resort endeavors to protect. Alton Towers bosses recommended their male guests wear board shorts instead, and said skimpy skivvies are “more suited to Spain than Staffordshire,” which sounds like a ringing endorsement of Spain to me. [Yahoo UK] Keep reading »

What Are The World’s Most Annoying Table Manners?

Down with Emily Post! Don’t you wish that just once, you could go to dinner with your boss, parents, or in-laws and not act like a charm school graduate? BuzzFeed agrees and has wisely compiled a list of “Stupidest Table Manners and How to Resist Them.” Their gripes include eating soup with a spoon (say no to aristocracy by drinking with a straw!), elbows on the table, napkins in the lap, no burping, and no playing with your food. Don’t know what to do when you encounter multiple forks at fancy restaurants? The solution is simple: “Side-step the utensils. God gave you hands for a reason.” []

It’s about time someone did away with pretentious rules. We’ve got a few of our own to add to BuzzFeed’s list: Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Sorry, I Just Farted

Sorry we ruined this tender moment between Ashley Tisdale and her music director bf Scott Speer with a fart joke —not! But they were pretty puke-tastic, er, cute at the Teen Choice Awards. From the looks of this photo, Ashley’s working on a cover of Debbie Gibson’s “Lost in Your Eyes.” [Hollywood, 8/9/09] Keep reading »

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