Pippa, Hadley & Arlo: The Hottest Baby Names Of 2011

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 27, 2011

Every year, celebrity baby name website Nameberry.com declares the hottest baby names of that year. The list is based on an analysis of the most searched names, particularly those which saw a strong and sudden increase over the last six months. This year, Nameberry says, the list was “driven by unexpected celebrities, rediscovered classics, and… More »

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Photographs The Paparazzi

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so adorable—he’s one of the only guys who can rock a baseball cap without making me want to scream. When some paparazzi photographers started snapping photos of him at LAX, on his way to Pittsburgh to film “The Dark Knight Rises,” Joseph whipped out his phone and started to give them a… More »

Mind Of Man: I Bought A Sex Toy (Almost)

By: John DeVore / July 27, 2011

It’s amazing what a man will do when he is both horny and bored. I firmly believe all of man’s great contributions to civilization were a direct result of boredom and sexual frustration. Alexander the Great conquered the ancient world because he was bored and horny. Galileo turned his telescope to the stars because he… More »

Cross-Stitch Your Phone Sitch

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 27, 2011

It’s Get A Hobby Week here on The Frisky, so today we’re craving something to do that produces something we can keep. Oh, perfect, how about this cross-stitch iPhone case and kit?! Pick the color case you want and it comes complete with needle, thread, and some design templates you can use. Alternatively, if you… More »

The Bumbys Will Judge You For Being Boring

By: Julie Gerstein / July 27, 2011

“It’s definitely better to do something awful with your outfit and your personality than nothing at all — middle of the road, that’s always bad.”
–Jill Bumby, one half of the duo, The Bumbys. I know this sounds crazy, but Jill and Gill Bumby go to parties and will, if you ask, compose “a… More »

The Year In Shocking Celebrity Hair Transformations So Far

By: Julie Gerstein / July 27, 2011

Women always be changing their hair. It’s a maxim you can set your watch to. And celebrity ladies are no different. In fact, whether it’s for a role, because of a breakup, or simply because their agent told them putting blue streaks in their locks might garner them an extra bit of press (looking at… More »