Victoria Beckham Brings Baby Harper To Fashion Week!

TooFab / September 10, 2011

Only Victoria’s Beckham’s newborn daughter would have a Baby’s First Fashion Week!
The former Spice Girl and little Harper Seven — who is just shy of two-months-old — were spotted in New York City today ahead of Fashion’s Night Out, the official kickoff to NY Fashion Week.
While Posh looked fab in a magenta dre… More »

“You Betcha,” There’s Yet Another Sarah Palin Documentary!

Jessica Wakeman / September 10, 2011

Oh, look, yet another documentary about Sarah Palin. What a surprising topic. The latest Palin doc is titled “You Betcha” and was funded with $30K in crowd-sourced funding from Kickstarter, as well as private donations. It debuts at the Toronto Film Festival this weeknd and will open in New York City and Los Angeles o… More »

Evening Quickies: Ali Lohan’s Rep Says She’s Having A “Growth Spurt”

Jessica Wakeman / September 9, 2011

Ali Lohan’s rep says her startling, new, uber-skinny appearance is a “normal teenage growth spurt,” not plastic surgery or an eating disorder. Um, maybe Ali’s growth spurt is working backwards? We are still concerned for her. [Celebuzz]
Whoa, check out Elisabetta Canalis in these PETA ads. Bet George Clooney feels like an idiot. [JustMore »

Today’s Lady News: Nancy Upton Wins American Apparel’s Plus-Size Model Contest

Jessica Wakeman / September 9, 2011

Nancy Upton, the winner of American Apparel’s plus-size model contest, penned an article about why she spoofed the fat-women-as-pigs stereotype in her submission photos. “[With the contest, t]he company was co-opting the mantra of plus-size empowerment and glazing it with its unmistakable brand of female objectification,” Upton wrote. “The puns, the insulting, giggly tones,… More »

So … About Fashion’s Night Out?

Julie Gerstein / September 9, 2011

As much as we hate that we want to know, we want to know: how did your Fashion’s Night Out turn out? Did you hit any great deals? See anything amazing? Score any free drinks? I skipped the whole thing and went to a TV on the Radio/Broken Social Scene show where I was withi… More »

September 9: What Are We Wearing Today?

Lindsay A. / September 9, 2011