6 Times I’ve Cried In The Dressing Room And Why

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / June 7, 2011
I'm not big on crying in public, I swear, but dressing rooms are a different story. Maybe it's the sting of the harsh lighting. Maybe being surrounded by mirrors makes me feel raw and introspective. Maybe I take the phrase "retail therapy" a little too seriously. Whatever the reason, I have something of a history… More »

Clown Around With Joke Breasts

By: Ami Angelowicz / June 7, 2011
Boobs are so funny, aren't they? Especially when you put them all over your body. Tee hee! Okay, I don't get it. [The Clearly Dope]… More »

Fairies Aren’t So Sweet On “True Blood”

T-minus 19 days until the season premiere of "True Blood." Luckily, HBO isn't going to leave us fiending for that long. They've now released the first six minutes of the premiere episode (an extra three minutes on top of what we posted last week!). What to expect: fairies, forbidden glowing fruit, Sookie's grandfather,… More »

The Love Guru: Having “The Talk” 101

By: The Love Guru / June 7, 2011
In a terribly unglamorous moment, which involved a sleazy bathroom makeout session and a drunken cab ride home, I realized that I was done dating multiple guys, that I was ready to press my luck with the one and only Spontaneous Guy. I walked into Dr. Diana's office my chest puffed, ready to share… More »

The Rosebuds Show That Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Getting divorced sucks. And I'm willing to bet getting divorced sucks even more when the significant other you're splitting from is also a member of your band. That's exactly what happened for Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard, the core members of The Rosebuds, who have been making sweet yet sinister indie-pop for the past decade. More »

Poll: Does Flirting Over Facebook And Twitter Count As Cheating?

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 7, 2011
[poll id=3682]… More »