What Do You Think Of Anthropologie’s New Bridal Collection?

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I’m not really set on getting married, but damn, is it easy for me to get sucked into a wedding dress k-hole. If I were to hitched, would I wear something long and ethereal or short and modern? Would I be partial to a fastener or a more traditional veil? I just don’t know!!! I do know that the idea of spending a bucketload of money on a dress I’ll wear once is absurd to me, which is why I love it when mid-level brands like, say, J. Crew release bridal collections — there’s usually a variety of price points and the dresses, I think, are just as stunning visually as what Vera Wang whips up. The latest accessible brand to enter the bridal market? Girly retailer Anthropologie in conjunction with their sister chain, Urban Outfitters. The brand’s first bridal collection, called BLHDN, debuts online on, sigh, February 14th via BHLDN.com, with dresses ranging in price from $1000 to $4000. Keep clicking to see the ultra girly collection and tell us what you think — would you walk down the aisle in any of these gowns or do you think Anthropologie/Urban should stick to everyday wear? [WWD and Chic On The Cheap]

Jennifer Lawrence Says She Is Attracted To Her Brother

“Little redneck things still come out … I went through a wood-chopping phase when I was nine or 10 … I’m attracted to my brother. Stuff like that.”

—Jennifer Lawrence, a Best Actress Oscar contender this year for “Winter’s Bone,” tells Rolling Stone about her Kentucky upbringing. Be careful—this girl can shoot a gun and field-dress squirrels. Which does not involve putting them in a prairie dress and bonnet. [Rolling Stone] Keep reading »

This Man Would Literally Rather Eat Glass

On tonight’s all-new episode of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction,” we meet Josh, who is addicted to eating glass. He has a particular affinity for champagne and wine glasses — classy! In all seriousness, this is one of the more dangerous addictions featured on this show and I certainly hope Josh gets some help. Eating glass cannot possibly feel good — both going in and coming out. [NYMag.com] Keep reading »

The Jewelry You Really Want For Valentine’s Day

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Diamonds? Puh-lease. Yesterday, I asked what you wanted for Valentine’s Day and, not all that surprisingly, many of you wanted jewelry. But your selections were hardly typical — you guys have fantastic and unique taste! Keep clicking to see some of the baubles picked out by your fellow Frisky readers — including one very special ring with a story.

The Plight Of The NYC Single Woman

Some people come to New York City for work. Some people come to New York City for school. Some people are born in New York City and never end up leaving. But whatever your reason for being here, you probably ended up staying, in part, for one reason: options. On any given night there are thousands of different activities you could be doing and hundreds of them are free. If you don’t like your apartment, you can find a dozen illegal sublets on Craigslist in two hours. Want to gawk at a celebrity drinking her morning latte? Craving pizza handmade by an Italian grandpa who speaks no English? Need pot delivered to your apartment ASAP? Check, check and check. Hell, you’ll even find two three four different Starbucks in a three-block radius.

But maybe the BIg Apple has too many options. NYC single woman Jennifer Doll argues in The Village Voice — the city’s indie newspaper — this week that when it comes to settling down and getting married, no one in the dating game will make a decision because there are too many other options to choose from. Keep reading »

Woman Takes A Poop Break

This hungry woman can’t wait until the end of this seminar to take a taste of her delicious dookie, so she just indulges in a little lick. Is she really eating poop or is she hiding snacks down her pants? There was a boy in my kindergarten class who used to pick his warts and suck the blood. Until now, that was the grossest thing I’d ever encountered. My brain is not computing this video, so I collected some responses from fellow Friskians. Check them out after the jump. Oh, and add yours in the comments. [Buzzfeed] Keep reading »

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