A Slam Dancing Slow Loris

Julie Gerstein / September 13, 2011

Slow loris, kind of my spirit animal, NBD. Here he is getting tickled, and getting crunk while listening to some of his favorite jams. Party on, slow loris. [Buzzfeed]… More »

Morning Quickies: Taylor Armstrong Sells Domestic Abuse Photos

Jessica Wakeman / September 13, 2011

Taylor Armstrong sold photos of her with a black eye (from the physical abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her late husband) to “Entertainment Tonight,” which aired three of the pics. The “Real Housewife” was reportedly beaten by her estranged hubby, Russell Armstrong, who committed suicide several weeks ago, and required plastic… More »

10 Studies That “Prove” Things Women Already Know About Men

Jessica Wakeman / September 13, 2011

Madonna Apologizes To Hydrangeas

Jessica Wakeman / September 13, 2011

Say what you will about Madonna and her high-maintenance (some might say “bitchy”) attitude towards gifts of flowers. But at least the woman has a sense of humor! Here’s a short film Madonna posted on YouTube today about her hatred of hydrangeas. Let it be known, peons, she prefers gifts of roses. [NYmag.com]… More »

Sarah Silverman On Becoming A Lumpy Cave Lady, Going Full-Frontal

Ami Angelowicz / September 13, 2011

“I saw my full frontal, I had an actual heart attack — and I’m proud to have done it … I actually gained 20 pounds for the role. I wanted to be lumpier. I said, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a posture of a lady caveman. I’m really happy with that.” Sarah SilvermanMore »

8 Celebs Who’ve Screwed Up The Words To “The Star-Spangled Banner”