Today’s Lady News: Magician David Copperfield Accused Of Rape

  • A 22-year-old woman claims that magician David Copperfield raped her, sexually assaulted her repeatedly, and threatened her on his private island in Musha Cay, Bahamas in 2007. The alleged victim said one of his assistants brought her backstage at a magic show and she was then invited to Copperfield’s private island for work that might lead to “modeling opportunities.” She allegedly was then trapped in Musha Cay for two days with Copperfield while she was sexually assaulted and threatened with death unless she kept quiet. Copperfield’s lawyers say he is innocent and called the lawsuit extortion. [NY Post] — How long before a tabloid newspaper makes the obvious, “Can David Copperfield Make Those Rape Accusations Disappear?” joke?
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    Quick Pic: Halle Berry Is A Sparks Plug

    Halle Berry‘s a big fan of the WNBA’s Sparks. The actress/good luck charm went to see her team score a victory last night. But clearly her magic extends beyond the screen, male models, and the court. Halle is bold enough to chow down on a large bucket of popcorn during bikini season and she can wear a black shirt without it even having a trace of deodorant. What a woman! [Los Angeles, 8/19/09] Keep reading »

    L.L. Bean’s Getting A New Look, But Some Of The Old Stuff Is OK

    llbean g11 jpg
    L.L. Bean is best known for outfitting New Englanders who enjoy outdoor activities like camping and who appreciate a simple “gets-the-job-done” look. In March, however, the Maine-based company will get a bit of a makeover: L.L. Bean has hired Alex Carleton, who founded Rogues Gallery and has previously designed for Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch, as creative director. Carleton’s first order of business is L.L. Bean Signature, a collection of updated and more chic outdoorsy clothing. [NY Times]

    I’ve never been L.L. Bean’s target customer. I don’t like bugs, and my idea of roughing it is applying my makeup using a compact mirror instead of a full-length one. But I decided to take a look at their clothing pre-makeover, and I actually found some items I’d totally wear. Here’s the best of what L.L. Bean has to offer if you’re looking for style above function. (Warning! Avoid the bottoms i.e. pants, skirts, skorts, etc.)

    22 Things We’ll Teach Our Sons About Women And Relationships

    We’re not mothers yet, but we’re at a point in our lives when we’re thinking about our future families. We know an awful lot about women and how to treat and please ‘em, so we plan to pass that knowledge down to our sons. We hope to rid the male sex of all the things that make us rant by raising boys with balanced male and female perspectives. Check out the list after the jump, then leave your lessons in the comments. Keep reading »

    Celine Dion Pregnant With Embryo Frozen For Eight Years

    Celine Dion is pregnant again at age 41—which while, not impossible, is pretty hard to do. This time she and hubby René Angelil—who’s approximately eleventy-years-old (or 67, to be exact)—used an embryo that was frozen eight years ago. Celine’s doctor confirmed her pregnancy after the in-vitro fertilization, and said that when he told her, “I could hear her chuckling.” [PopEater] — Chuckling! How creepy is that? Keep reading »

    The Worst Of “OctoMom: The Incredible Unseen Footage”

    FOX’s two-hour-OctoMom documentary aired last night. My first instinct was to hide under the covers, shaking uncontrollably, and wait for it to be over, but I knew I had to watch for your sake. So I took out my earplugs, stripped off the sheets, and ventured out in front of my TV again. Of course it was as bad, maybe worse, than I thought. After the jump, the choicest moments from the two-hour crapfest “OctoMom: The Incredible Unseen Footage.” Keep reading »

    The Most Annoying Facebook Personalities

    We think Brandon Griggs pretty much nailed it in this awesome article for CNN about the 12 most annoying types of Facebookers. My personal most-hated Facebooker? The ugly picture poster. (Come on girl, you know full well that I look like Jay Leno in that pic so why did you tag it for all the world to see?) In fact, we think there are way more than 12 annoying Facebook personalities. See if you agree with us. Keep reading »

    Behind-The-Scenes Video: Models Looking Really Gross

    If you can’t tell already, the theme emerging here in The Frisky style section today is models suffering for their “art.” And lest you think photo shoots are all pampering facials and kicky jumps in the air, check out this extremely gruesome, The Cure soundtrack-appropriate, behind-the-scenes V magazine cover shoot, if you dare. Mwah-ha-ha… [Fashion Copious] Keep reading »

    Sarah Palin Got Some Pretty Sweet Gifts When She Was Guv

    Sarah Palin has some crafty supporters. Now that she’s out of the governor’s mansion, Palin is required to disclose a list of any gifts she received since December 1, 2008, worth more than $250. Some of the highlights:

    • A gun case with her name embroidered on it from a woman in Tennessee.
    • A painted plate of Sarah’s noggin from a stoneware studio in Kansas.
    • Two handmade army flags from a woman in New Jersey.
    • A glass elephant pendant from a woman in California.
    • A blanket with the words “The Special Child” cross-stitched into it from a woman in Texas.
    • A handmade Bible with a goatskin case.

    Uh, is it just me, or does none of this stuff sound like it could possibly be valued at more than $20? [CNN Political Ticker] Keep reading »

    Q&A: Kaily Smith, Star & Creator Of “”

    By now you’ve seen eight episodes of the web comedy series “,” — winner for Best Comedy at the ITVFest — and we hope you’re loving it as much as we are. “”‘s protagonist is Merri Weisman, a twentysomething trust-fund baby who’s just been dumped by her fiancé. When her father orders her to find a job, pronto, Merri realizes that the key to her survival is not a career, but a man — via the crazy world of online dating. “” was written by Kaily Smith (along with David Weidoff), a 26-year-old actress originally from Denver, Colorado. We chatted with Kaily about how she was able to put together an entire web series with a lot of hard work and a little help from her friends. Check out The Frisky’s exclusive interview, after the jump… Keep reading »

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