Rose Device Conceals Your Public Bathroom Activities

Well! I have to say! I have never seen or heard of anything like this before! So, you know how it can be embarrassing to use a public bathroom? If anyone else is in there, a person can get a little self-conscious while they’re doing their duty. The people of Japan believe there’s no reason to feel so self-aware when nature calls you to a not-so-private toilet. To cover up whatever it is you’re doing in there, they’ve created the Ecohime Flush Water Sound Rose Cell Phone Strap, a rose-shaped cell phone attachment with an anti-toilet noise audio component. Push the device, and it emits the sound of a toilet flushing, drowning out any untoward noises you may be emitting. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t go off in your purse when you’re on a date. Check out the odd video demonstration after the jump. [Tokyo Mango] Keep reading »

Q&A: “Commencement” Author J. Courtney Sullivan

J. Courtney Sullivan’s debut novel, Commencement, takes place at Smith College, an all-women’s institution known for being home to the pearls and sweater-set types as well as radical lesbians. Following four unlikely friends through their years at school and beyond, the book balances the humor of ladies college life and the drama of post-grad confusion. It’s a delectable page turner, but, more importantly, touches on many issues that twenty-something women face today. We asked Sullivan about Commencement and what women can learn from being young and being together. Keep reading »

Feline Factoid: Your Cat Wants A Personal Massager

Urlesque discovered cats love electric massagers. Who knew? When the cat in the video above gets its paws on a personal massager, it goes a little nuts. It’s like true love — of the vibrating kind. I like the part when its head vibrates. Of course, not all kitties are so happy to partake in the pleasures of vibrating devices. See what happens when cats and massagers go wrong after the jump! Keep reading »

Ten Motorcycle Boots To Stomp Around In

frye 2 082009 jpg
Cowboy boots are all well and good. Standard knee highs have their place. And we’re always down with a fly pair of booties. But when you want that elusive combination of comfortable, hot, and badass, there’s really only one choice: Invest in some motorcycle boots. Here are the best for fall.

Frye, of course, is the classic. [$368, Lord & Taylor, Frye]

LiLo Comes Face-To-Face With SamRo Look-A-Like On Project Runway Premiere

So I don’t get in trouble for posting about this, gasp, 11 hours after the episode aired, SPOILERS AHEAD. Got that?

OK. So, last night was the premiere of “Project Runway” on Lifetime, which Jessica liveblogged. Personally, I was slightly underwhelmed. None of the designers stood out to me yet, except one, but not because of her design talents. Ari Fish is a straight-up Samantha Ronson doppelganger, which became somewhat awkward when it was revealed that Lindsay Lohan was the guest judge. Did Ari’s resemblance to Lohan’s on/off girlfriend help or hurt her? Find out, after the jump… Keep reading »

Liveblogging The “Project Runway” Premiere

They’re baaaack. Thank. GOD. “Project Runway” returns tonight, in their new home on Lifetime. Will the show still be fabulous? Sometimes tells us YES. Come on back for our liveblog of the premiere episode tonight at 10 p.m. EST! Keep reading »

Quickies!: Amy Winehouse Is A Dancing Queen For TV?

  • Amy Winehouse might compete on “Strictly Come Dancing,” the British version of “Dancing with the Stars.” An insider said the series’ producers are hoping the show will be able to compete with rival show “The X-Factor,” which has inked deals with several high-profile celebrities. [Celebslam] — I might have to move to London to see Amy on live television. Imagine all the laughs.
  • Lindsay Lohan is too “jaded” to play the role of a sexually curious teen, say a film’s producers. [Female First] — This chick might not work in Hollywood ever again.
  • Have you ever wondered who Hollywood’s most famous trippers are? These celebrities have admitted to LSD use. [The Daily Beast] — Dan Rather? I’m shocked.
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A Totally Hilarious “Real Housewives” Spoof

Bonnie Hunt and Niecy Nash spoofed Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” last year. Although the video is from 2008, it’s still hilarious, especially given what we know about NeNe and Kim’s friendship. Bonnie is a dead ringer for Kim, but Niecy will always be Niecy to me. Keep reading »

Single In Italy: Beware Of The Other Woman

Liz Tuccillo tries to grasp the Italian mother fascination among Italian men.
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  • Gallery: Graphing And Flow Charting Awesome Songs

    graphs total eclipse small jpg
    I’ll admit it, I’m a total nerd. And hence I freaking love this flowchart for “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” one of my all time favorite karaoke songs. See it in all its glorious detail here. [Tumbler]

    Evidently, other folks out there in the webiverse are also total nerds and enjoy making graphs, charts, and other visual representations of songs. Here are some of the best out there.

    • Zergnet: Simply Irresistible

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