Quick Pic: I See London, I See France

Forget the crotch shot … what’s up with those rad shoes? [Ladiesroom.fr] Keep reading »

Do Men Care If Women Wear Eye Makeup?

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  • Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

    Things like this happen when you least expect them. There you are on a Saturday morning, doing laundry and listening to your boyfriend sing, “Girls, Girls, Girls” in the shower for the millionth time when you catch a whiff of a perfume that is definitely not yours on his favorite t-shirt. You crane your neck to catch the strains of, “I’m such a good, good boy / I just need a new toy,” and wonder, could he be cheating?

    If you confront your man, and your suspicions are confirmed, will you join the ranks of Hillary Clinton and Tammy Faye Baker to stand by your man? Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis once said, “I do not think there are any men who are faithful to their wives.” Well, John F. Kennedy certainly wasn’t, but do all men have the cheating bug in them? Is a relationship, once soiled with adultery, gone for good? Read more Keep reading »

    Doin’ It With Dr. V: I’m Not A Size Queen

    When it comes to orgasms, we all are left wondering what will make the magic happen for us. For ladies, sometimes seeing an impressive instrument is believing. Heck, even I obsessed over “How To Predict The Size Of A Penis.” But does the distance of his dong really matter when it comes to coming? Keep reading »

    It’s Too Hot To Bike, Upgrade Your Ride

    stella 081409 jpg
    In keeping with our current and steadfast dedication to helping you avoid the nastiness of this oppressive heat, might we suggest you non-car drivers out there ditch the bike, dig into your piggy bank and check out these adorable motorized options. Cause nothing’s worse than waiting for public transportation and feeling like you’re being engulfed in the fires of deepest hell, am I right? But whether you’re commuting or not, riding a scooter is guaranteed to make you smile and stuff.

    First up is the gorgeous Stella scooter. Just looking at it kind of makes us go “aww.” [$3,600, Stella, America's Smallest Scooter Company]

    Courtney Love Embarrasses Herself (Again), Plus Other Totally Mortifying Celeb Moments

    courtney love turtle m jpg
    We all have our very embarrassing moments we would prefer to keep private. How can I forget the time that I face-planted as I passed Andy Samberg on the street? I was oogling him so hard that I didn’t see that curb. Oops. Luckily no one really cares when I make a fool of myself. But imagine being a celeb and having every embarrassing moment caught on film or video for the world to laugh at and scrutinize? Come on … you know you are guilty. Of course, some celebs are better at embarrassing themselves then others – like our favorite rocker, nut job Courtney Love. The latest from Love? She decided to share with the world, via Twitter, what goes on in her bed. No, please no! It’s even worse than you are imagining. It’s not a guy … she posted a bunch of pics with her and … her pet turtle. [Celebitchy]

    WTF? Can’t you get salmonella or something? Courtney, please just stop! After the jump some other really embarrassing celebrity moments that you can’t help but enjoy.

    Style Buzz: Grace Comes Clean And “The Beautiful Life” Gets More Gorgeous Guest Stars

  • Grace Coddington creative director of Vogue finally up and comes out with it—sometimes she can’t freakin’ stand Anna. [WWD]
  • AnOther Magazine‘s September issue has four covers: Kate Moss and Katie Holmes, shot by Craig McDean, and Vanessa Paradis and Natalie Portman, shot by none other than Hedi Slimane. [Design Scene] Love how slicked-back hair on Katie and Natalie equals “edgy.”
  • The Sundance Channel is bringing back “Full Frontal Fashion.” [WWD] We kinda sorta missed it.
  • Keep reading »

    10 Celebs Who Have Committed Really, Really Bad Crimes

    jenkins 081909 m jpg
    All the news about “Megan Wants a Millionaire” contestant Ryan Alexander Jenkins — who allegedly murdered his new wife, bikini model Jasmine Fiore, cut off her fingers, ripped out her teeth, stuffed her in a suitcase and put her body in a dumpster — has got us seriously freaked out. But, unfortunately, Jenkins isn’t the only celeb who has committed a really serious crime. Check out some other fallen stars!

    Gallery: Mischa, Hilary, & Eva Amurri Heart (Charlotte) Ronson

    charlotte ronson g1 jpg
    On Thursday night The Frisky got invited to attend a summer BBQ-themed party for the fall collection of Charlotte Ronson’s “I Heart Ronson” line for JCPenney at The Lighthouse in NYC. I got a chance to chat with the designer — along with guests like Eva Amurri, Hilary Duff, Sophia Bush, and Shwayze — about what inspired her. “Lots of prints, plaids, florals,” she said, “Those clothes you can mix and match, that just look better as they get more worn.” The look is kind of ’60s countryside, with a little rock ‘n’ roll edge. Very cute and very affordable.

    Keep clicking to see who else walked the red carpet, what interesting little tidbits they shared with The Frisky, and to see me model the free I Heart Ronson dress I scored…

    Quickies!: LeAnn Rimes Questioned By Police

    • LeAnn Rimes was questioned by Brentwood police for suspicion of a misdemeanor hit-and-run. [LA Times] — She’s not having a good year, is she?
    • Cassie said everyone has liked her new haircut and she even got a new boyfriend with it. [NYMag.com] — I’ll take that to mean Diddy stopped ignoring her in public.
    • Rock ‘n’ Roll drummer Jerrie Thill proves that life begins at 90. [Urlesque] — Old people can be so fearless.

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