How To Wear: Felt Floppy Hats

Annika Harris / September 18, 2011

New York Fashion Week’s Most Outrageous

StyleList Home / September 18, 2011

While we love seeing all the polished, elegant ensembles on the runway and in the front row, sometimes New York Fashion Week’s most memorable moments are its most outrageous.

This season’s shows had plenty of outré outfits (especially at Jeremy Scott), crazily garbed guests (Nicki Minaj) and unexpected outings (Carine Roitfeld and Anna Dello… More »

Do Not Want: A Key Chain That Costs A Buttload

Julie Gerstein / September 18, 2011

Hey so, at first glance, this key chain doesn’t look like much. It’s just a regular key chain loop, right? But no, no, the key chain includes an odd assortment of fake sterling silver keys on it. Fake. Keys. So that you can get frustrated and annoyed as you try to find your real key… More »

See, I Was Right About Kate Middleton!

Julie Gerstein / September 18, 2011

“Is she a style icon of the likes of a Kate Moss? Absolutely not. Is she in the public eye? Are people going to become obsessed with everything she wears regardless of what it is? Yes.”–Elle Fashion News Director Anne Slowey, on Kate Middleton’s style, or lack thereof. Thank you Ms. Slowey for vindicating my… More »

French Kittens Work Harder Than We Do

Julie Gerstein / September 18, 2011

Please speak to me with your tiny adorable French cat voices! [YouTube]… More »

Random People At Fashion Week

Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 17, 2011

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