Becoming A Sara Rue Redhead? Here’s How To Do Your Makeup

Annika Harris / September 16, 2011

Deciding to make a drastic hair color change is quite a daunting task, but figuring out how to adjust your makeup look can be even worse, especially if you’re going from dirty blond to Sara Rue red. Such is the dilemma of reader Rachel, who sent us a beauty distress mayday recently. You see, Rachel is worried… More »

Evening Quickies: January Jones Gives Birth To Baby, Xander Jones

Jessica Wakeman / September 15, 2011

January Jones gave birth to her baby on Tuesday — a boy named Xander Dane Jones. Congratulations, January! [US Weekly]
Grizzly mama Cher defended her son Chaz Bono on “Ellen” this morning from haters upset about his being on “Dancing With The Stars.” Said the wise Cher, “If you’ve got that excess time and that… More »

Today’s Lady News: On The Texas Cheerleader Forced To Cheer For Her Rapist

Jessica Wakeman / September 15, 2011

We’ve long been following the story of the Texas cheerleader who was kicked off the squad for refusing to cheer for a student athlete who sexually assaulted her. Hillaire, of Sislbee, Texas, was 16 years old when she was raped in October 2008 by fellow student Rakheem Bolton, then 17, at a party. Bolto… More »

Comment Of The Day: We Heart You, TheFriskyPixie!

Jessica Wakeman / September 15, 2011

The comment thread on my post “Woman Won’t Leave The House Because She’s Afraid Of Gays” was a gas, but this comment by TheFriskyPixie had us laughing aloud and we couldn’t let the day end without calling attention to it:

“Let’s see, seven kids plus her and her husband … that makes nine people… More »

September 15: What Are We Wearing Today?

Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 15, 2011

Model Inner Monologue: Dazed And Confused

Winona Dimeo-Ediger / September 15, 2011

Chris Benz told reporters that his Spring 2012 collection was inspired by the madness induced by this summer’s heat wave. This model’s pose at the presentation really drove that point home, don’t you think? See the whole collection here. More »