In Phoenix Teens Are Taking Getting High To New Limits

I found this report so disturbing that during our daily meeting here at Frisky Headquarters, when everyone clamored for more info on the whys and the hows, I protested. According to this news story, teens in Phoenix, Arizona are doing some things so disturbing I’m putting them after the jump. Keep reading »

Is Your Man A Head Case?

Is your man a head case? These human beat boxes are, literally. Chris Cairns made this very amusing video starring Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. I will never look at two turntables and a microphone the same way again. [] Keep reading »

Mind Of Man: Guys Have Insecurities, Just Like Women!

You’ll never see a dude turn to another dude and ask, “Do I look fat in these pants?” But that doesn’t mean men are invulnerable to insecurities, no matter how much we’d like to think so. Women are upfront about their fears, doubts, and self-esteem. I used to think it was just compulsive gabbiness, a quirk of the fairer sex. But, in fact, it is an admirable coping mechanism that’s even a little bit courageous. That said, I’ll sack up and admit that I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling like a fatty, a chubasaurus, half-man and half-marshmallow. Keep reading »

Comedian Gets Sued By Her Mama-In-Law

Stand-up comedian Sunda Croonquist is being sued by her mother-in-law. Why? Because in her comedy routines, Sunda—like, oh, every other comedian ever—makes fun of her background, mainly the fact that she’s half-black, half-Swedish, was raised Catholic and is now married to a Jewish guy. Her mama-in-law, Ruth Zafrin, says that she’s been defamed by Sunda’s jokes, which allegedly portray her as racist and ultra New Jersey-esque. Croonquist claims her hubby’s fam used to laugh at her routine, but decided it was no laughing matter when she put info about them on her website that gave away their identity. Watch the video above and tell us if you think it’s sue-worthy. Keep reading »

Topshop To Launch New Makeup Line!

Any Topshop news is good news in our book. The London import will be prettying up its wares with a new cosmetics line, due out next year, as it continues to become more of a department store/one-stop shop. No word yet on what the collection will be like, but British Elle says: “We’re guessing they could be tapping an international make-up artist to work with on the project.” We’d also expect some uber-cute packaging and, hopefully, very affordable price points. Should Sephora feel threatened? [Elle UK] Keep reading »

The Frisky Guidebook: The Holy City

Don’t let the old moniker fool you, what Charlestonians worship the most is a good party. At its busiest during wedding season and the summer months, this tourist town is worth visiting year-round with various festivals, galas, events and shows. The climate is often blessed with bouts of 70-degree weather in the dead of winter, ensuring that there is a party going on somewhere every single night of the week in any given month. Keep reading »

Did A LEGO Giraffe Lose His Penis? Or Was It His Tail?

Poor baby! An 18-foot tall giraffe made out of LEGOs in Berlin’s LEGOland Discovery Center keeps getting his tail stolen! A spokesperson for the LEGO center said every time a visitor ganks the giraffe tail, which is made of 15,000 LEGOs, it costs $4,300 to replace. Heartless hoodlums have stolen the animal’s tail four times already. The weirdest part of this whole story, though, is that in Australia, news outlets reported that the giraffe’s penis was stolen, not its tail. (Slow news day Down Under, eh?) See, a stolen giraffe penis would be damn funny. If we have any Frisky readers in Germany, we’re anxiously awaiting clarification on this matter! [Yahoo] Keep reading »

How Much Do We Love This i-D Cover?

london -a few months ago both chanel iman and jourdan dunn tweeted about a “major” moment in fashion and a surprise cover. that should have been clue enough for some fash insiders to guess. now the secret is out: the two young models, along with others: jourdan dunn and arlenis sosa will grace the cover of i.d magazines september issue. the iconic photo features all four girls with corset-inspired tops, figure hugging skirts, matching black gloves and shimmery makeup. it was shot in london by emma summerton and styled by i-d fashion director, edward enninful. besides featurig four of the hottest models of the moment on one cover, i.d’s september issue is distinctive for yet another reason: it is the only, non-urban magazine to opt for women of color on its cover. kudos. [story and photo via] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Avril Has A Ball

Did Avril Lavigne catch that ball or did she bring it with her? [Dallas, Texas, 8/25/09] Keep reading »

Sex & Celluloid: The Best Threesomes That Never Were

While “(500) Days of Summer” is only the latest warm weather flick to explore the delights and wonders of monogamy, there’s been a relative dearth of love triangles in recent cinema. Are ménages à trois no longer in fashion? It seemed like the ’90s were full of threesomes, coming (so to speak) in all different shapes and genders: Was Gregg Araki’s “Splendor” really that bad that it signaled the end of a decade-long exploration into the not-so-single life? Below, four films that promised us the magical number 3 but never delivered on the company, much less the crowd. Keep reading »

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