Shopping Guide: 10 Pairs Of Flare-tastic Wide-Leg Jeans

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Remember, a few years ago, when all of the sudden, skinny jeans became the THING and all of us normal-bodied women (i.e. not rail-thin and six-foot-tall) were like, “WTF, this s**t is going to look like crap on me. What’s wrong with my bootcut and wide-leg jeans, bitch?” And then we drank the skinny jean Kool-Aid because that’s all there was and a girl’s gotta drink, you know? And so now, we’re all used to our skinny jeans and can’t imagine life without their vice-like grip around our ankles? Well, get ready to have your denim world rocked again, ladies. Wide-leg jeans — our old friends! — are back in a big way. Are you scared? I understand. Just remember the resistance you felt to skinny jeans the first time around and how easily you were indoctrinated once you stopped fighting it. The good news is, wide-leg jeans tend to be more flattering on various body types, and with the right shoe they can really elongate the leg, making you look taller. To help bring you into the loving arms of the wide-leg/flare/bell-bottom trend, I’ve assembled 10 pairs of jeans of various price points that you can buy now. Let the sartorial brainwashing begin!

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