Your Future According To “Arrested Development”

Ami Angelowicz / October 12, 2011

I predict more “Arrested Development” humor in your future. Especially if you receive a reading with this prophetic Tarot deck. See what fate has in store for you according to the Bluths. Just keep your fingers crossed that you don’t pull the death card. We all know how that worked out for Buster. [Buzzfeed]… More »

Pandas As Pets: China Grants Yanni, Of All People, Permission To Adopt

Jessica Wakeman / October 12, 2011

Stop the presses: Yanni adopted a female baby panda this weekend from the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base in China, which he named Santorini. First of all: SQUEEEE. Second of all: Santorini? Third of all: What? I can’t pick which part of this news is more absurd: China permitted a rare individual to adopt a baby panda… More »

Why Are The Best Shows On TV About Dudes?

Jennifer Wright / October 12, 2011

There’s an interesting essay Chuck Klosterman wrote (it’s really very good, read the whole thing here) where he postulates:
There doesn’t seem to be much debate over what have been the four best television shows of the past 10 years. It seems like an easy question to answer, particularly since it’s become increasingly difficultMore »

Be My Boyfriend: LOLCats #OccupyWallStreet Guy

Julie Gerstein / October 12, 2011

Dear guy holding this purrrrfectly wonderful sign featuring a fluffy Persian cat without health insurance,
I know we already agree on two things: Politics and kittttttttehs. Let’s date.
[Flickr/CherryKittenBomb]… More »

Christina Aguilera Poops Out “Dirty Diana” At The Michael Jackson Tribute

Ami Angelowicz / October 12, 2011

X-tina got down and dirrty at the Michael Jackson tribute concert this weekend. Here she is in action squatting out a high note in “Dirty Diana.” Now that’s commitment to the craft. [Buzzfeed]… More »

Girl Talk: Why I Got A Buzz Cut

Kate Fridkis / October 12, 2011

People think that when a woman cuts off her hair, it means something is wrong. “I think she’s going through a rough time,” they whisper. They try to pinpoint the trauma—”it was that boyfriend who broke up with her” or “I think she might have had an eating disorder.” Women are supposed to be attached… More »