Fred Durst To Star In A Sitcom Called ‘Douchebag’

The Frisky / October 14, 2011

Money Shot: The Art Of The Finger Bang

Ami Angelowicz / October 14, 2011

That is exactly what you think it is. An sculptural interpretation of finger banging. There’s more where that came from at South Korea’s Jeju Love Land, an erotic sculpture park featuring 140 sculptures of sexy stuff. Also of note, a gigantic mosaic penis that squirts water and a bronzed woman pleasuring herself. As Liz Lemo… More »

Yay! Anna Faris Does “SNL” This Weekend

Jessica Wakeman / October 14, 2011

Anyone else convinced Anna Faris on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend is going to be baller? I, for one, am psyched to see her loopy-loo goofy girl humor go head to head with Kristen Wiig. Maybe if we’re lucky she’ll bring that hottie husband of hers, Chris Pratt, along for the ride, too. [NBC]… More »

Girl Talk: I Feel Left Out Because I’m In A Relationship

Georgina West / October 14, 2011

Working in an office where about 90 percent of the employees are female makes for a fun environment. Especially since 70 percent of said women are under the age of 30. Our office is not very big, so we’re in each other’s faces a lot, but we get along well, which is not so common. More »

Playing Games With Lana Del Rey

Rachel Krause / October 14, 2011

Lana Del Rey, whose EP Video Games was released this week, has caused a bit of a stir on the Internet since the single — also called “Video Games” — gained momentum over the summer by way of MP3 blogs. She initially performed under her real name, Lizzy Grant, before adopting a very stylized new… More »

Vampire Bat Will Drink Your Milkshake!

Julie Gerstein / October 14, 2011

Yes, he will drink it up! You know, while he’s just chillin’, upside down. [World of Wonder]… More »