Everything You Need To Know About Sleeping Can Be Found In This Snoring Shar-Pei Video

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 3, 2011

It’s much easier to sleep lying down than with your head propped up, chin-first.
Snoring is only a permissible bedtime behavior if you’re an adorable Shar-Pei.

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Evening Quickies: Tavi’s Web Magazine, Rookie, Launches Monday

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 2, 2011

Teen style blogger Tavi Gevinson’s web magazine, Rookie, for teen girls is set to launch on Monday. Rookiemag.com will feature monthly themes, the first one being “beginnings,” and post three times a day: “after school, after dinner, and before bed.” We’re way, way past our teen years but we’re still excited! [WWD]
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Today’s Lady News: Chaz Bono Is “Motivated” By The Bigots

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 2, 2011

Chaz Bono, Cher’s transgender son, says the “bitching and moaning” about him appearing on “Dancing With The Stars” is actually helping him. Chaz told the gay magazine The Advocate, “The more it makes me really want to do well. It’s the most motivating thing for me.” What a good attitude to have! [Advocate]
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September 2: What Are We Wearing Today?

By: Lindsay A. / September 2, 2011

Now Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Friend Has A Song, Too

By: Julie Gerstein / September 2, 2011

Sorry to do this–sorry to bring up Rebecca Black just when she was becoming all but a faded fart particle of a memory to most of us. But! It seems her friend — the curly-haired backseat friend from her beguiling “Friday” video — has launched a music career of her own. And the kid… More »

Style 911: “Help Me Find Something To Wear With This Taupe Blazer!”

By: Julie Gerstein / September 2, 2011

A few years ago I bought my wardrobe for my first office job and was struggling with what constituted “business casual”. Among other missteps, I bought a rather expensive, taupe, suede blazer from Anne Taylor Loft. I thought it would be super versatile but in the four years I’ve had it I have yet to… More »