Up For Auction: Kate Middleton’s Sexy See-Through Dress

Buy a scandalous piece of royal history: The makeshift, see-through dress princess-to-be Kate Middleton wore at a St. Andrew’s fashion show. The student-designed dress is said to be the magical garment that shifted Prince William’s relationship with Middleton from strictly “platonic to romantic.” And it’s hard not to see why: The mesh dress shows off all of Middleton’s, um, appreciable assets. It’s expected to fetch anywhere from $16,000 to $28,000, so happy bidding! [Daily Beast] Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 10 Fun & Frisky Spring Jackets

shopping guide spring jackets 031110 g1 jpg
It’s time to trade in those down, wool and fur coats for lightweight outerwear. Here are 10 of our favorite spring jackets.

A Manicure Pam Halpert Would Approve Of

Bored at work? I mean, really bored at work? Then why not try an office supply manicure? Yes, we balked, too, but it actually kind of makes sense. Besides, what were you going to do with all those hole-punch reinforcement tabs anyway? [Vital Juice] Keep reading »

Will A New “American Pie” Give Its Original Stars A Fresh Start?

“American Pie” is a late-’90s classic. But “American Pie 2″ and “American Wedding,” the concept’s second and third parts? Well, they were pretty abysmal. And don’t even remind me of the straight-to-DVD spin-offs “American Pie: The Naked Mile,” “American Pie: Band Camp,” and “American Pie: Beta House.” Universal Pictures isn’t deterred, though. They are looking to reboot the franchise 12 years later, with a fourth installment that will veer truer to the original. Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, and Eugene Levy have already signed on the dotted line for the new movie and deals are in the works for Tara Reid, Chris Klein, Mena Suvari, and Jennifer Coolidge. Alyson Hannigan may or may not be involved.

This news comes a day after Seann William Scott announced that he was checking into a treatment center for “health and personal issues.” Actually, several of his original co-stars have had “personal issues,” haven’t they? Keep reading »

11 Female Celebs Who Eat!

celebs who eat leann rimes jpg
I’m still not quite sure how it became common practice for thin celebrities to confirm that they do in fact eat and follow that statement up by telling us how much they eat or what they love to eat. Whether a famous woman has lost or gained, she should not have to justify it. The latest skinny defender is LeAnn Rimes, who the ‘bloids are blasting for having shed a few too many. “If people only saw how much I ate … I know how healthy I am so really that’s all that matters,” she tweeted. That’s like forcing someone to talk about peeing because we don’t see them using the bathroom. “If people only saw how much I peed. I pee all the time! Especially when I’ve had a lot of water.” We all pee. We all eat. If you don’t eat, that’s a problem to deal with … get help. I know that weight is a real hot button issue in Hollywood, but I feel like a famous woman having to confirm that she eats just perpetuates “thinsanity” culture. After the jump, some more actresses that eat. They probably pee too. Shocking. [People]

Venezuelan President Takes A Hard Stance Against Fake Boobs

Big fake titties? American politicians can’t get enough of ‘em. But Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is firmly anti-breast implants. Speaking on a United Nations summit on great racks a state-run television station, Chavez railed against plastic surgeons who “convince some women that if they don’t have some big bosoms they should feel bad.” Chavez added that some women in Venezuela, where the breast implant business is booming, will get plastic surgery even if they’re struggling to make ends meet, which he called a “monstrous thing.” Hmm, I guess the president is not a fan of Venezuelan beauty pageants, then.

The Frisky called the White House for a comment on Obama’s stance on fake boobs. We have yet to hear back by press time. [TIME] Keep reading »

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