The Lies We Tell Ourselves To Stay In Jobs We Hate

By: The Grindstone / July 24, 2011

Not everyone can love, adore, brag endlessly to others about the amazingness of their job. It would be nice if we could, but to quote the great Mick Jagger: “You can’t always get what you want.” However, finding a job you love isn’t a complete impossibility. Sometimes it’s denial and the lies we tell ourselve… More »

For Your Enjoyment: The Male Models Of Miami Fashion Week

By: Julie Gerstein / July 24, 2011

10 Celebrity Men Who Stepped Out On Their Pregnant Wives/Girlfriends

What High Schools Should Teach In Sex Ed

By: College Candy / July 24, 2011

In high school, my sex ed was what you would call minimal. Since Texas firmly believes in abstinence-only education (which so doesn’t work – my high school had a day care program for crying out loud!), I consider myself very lucky that I had a very open-minded mother who taught me about sex. And now… More »

Heat Waves Are Good For Baking

By: Ami Angelowicz / July 24, 2011

Cookies anyone? It’s hot enough to bake them in your car! Yeah, the heat wave still sucks. [Urlesque]… More »

Lil Wayne Wants You To Be Funky Like Him

By: Julie Gerstein / July 24, 2011

“I just figure that I … I’m funky. I got that from my stylist, Marisa. I’m funky, like she say. … A year from now, I want all these items to be mine. Rebirth. I want – I just figure people want to be funky like me, so I got my clothing line.” –Rapper LilMore »