Gallery: Hats Off To Summer Cloches And Fedoras

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Keep a cool head this summer. Here, some straw hats that aren’t your average beach numbers, and come with interesting shapes and details.

A cloche is traditionally a fall or winter hat, but the straw material on this one lends itself to Summer. Plus, the black color adds dress-up/dress-down versatility. [$22,]

Katherine Heigl’s Trash Talking Could Get Her Killed Off “Grey’s Anatomy”

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Katherine Heigl gave David Letterman the “Ugly Truth” last night. While promoting her new movie on the “Late Show,” Heigl revealed that her first day back at “Grey’s Anatomy”—where filming stretched to 17 hours—was “cruel and mean.”

Last time we saw Heigl’s character, we were left wondering whether Izzie Stevens would survive brain surgery. Heigl hinted to Letterman that she’s still around this season, either as a miraculous survivor or a ghost. But I’m thinking what the writers decide for Izzie lies more in what comes out of Katherine’s mouth than the hours she works. Heigl backed up her labor complaint saying she hopes the “Grey’s” producers will be embarrassed now that everyone knows they are forcing actors to work such long days. But if Heigl keeps up her trash talking, I’m sure Izzie Stevens will “take a turn for the worse.” And Heigl’s workday will be much less taxing. Even non-existent. [MSNBC]

As a warning to Katherine, here’s a few other celebs who’s real-life beefs on set got them killed on-screen.

Love Nest: Vena Cava Designer Lisa Mayock’s Gorgeous Home

When I think of where designers or creative-types live, I picture these pitch-perfect spaces with amazing art, expensive rugs and the exact right shade of grey on the walls. Basically, a home that looks like an interior designer spent hundreds of billable hours making everything look flawless (but still a little lived in). Design Sponge just posted the Brooklyn home of Vena Cava co-designer—and in true US Weekly-verbage, “She’s just like us!” Sweet, budget design solutions, after the jump! Keep reading »

Quick Pic: A Cold Day In Fashion Hell

It’s an 81-degree July day on the set of “Gossip Girl,” but from the looks of the nipples and fUGGly fashion faux pas, it’s friggin’ freezing. Hm, on second thought, maybe Blake Lively‘s boobies are trying to point out how heinous Leighton Meester‘s boots are. [NYC, 7/22/09] Keep reading »

Today’s Lady News: Hillary Clinton Probably Won’t Ever Be President

  • Speaking on a Thai television show, Hillary Clinton said she isn’t thinking about the 2012 election and is “100 percent focused” on her Secretary of State gig. “I doubt very much that anything like that will ever be part of my life,” she said. [Huffington Post]
  • After critics balked at the idea of using taxpayer money for abortions under Obama’s proposed health care bill, politicians are working on an amendment with a “compromise” in the U.S. House version of the bill. [WSJ] — We’re guessing this “compromise” will mean states can ix-nay the unding-fay?
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he “will look into” allegations that Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback, “Big Ben” Ben Roethlisberger, sexually assaulted a former casino employee in Nevada last year. The woman says Big Ben asked her to come up to his hotel room to fix his TV, where he fondled her breasts and pushed her on the bed. She is seeking half a million dollars in damages. [NY Daily News]

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For Women, Arousal Comes After Sex

A new study shows that for women, desire follows – not precedes – sexual arousal. Rosemary Bason of the University of British Columbia explains that, “for many women, desire is not the cause of lovemaking, but rather, its result.” Women often begin sexual experiences feeling sexually neutral, she says, but by the end of the sex sesh, they often feel more aroused than they had before they started fooling around.

Perhaps this is because most women don’t orgasm during intercourse. So, when the man is “satisfied” post-orgasm, the woman probably never reached her climax, and is, well, still wanting to! Obviously. Keep reading »

Quick Video: Adidas SLVRL Fall 2009 Collection

Can we give Adidas an A+ for creativity? Usually, clothing lines create a catalog or look book to show off the latest clothes for the season. But for their SLVR Label Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 collection, Adidas has added a short video that anyone can watch on YouTube. (FYI: The video was directed by Theo Stanley and features music by Sam Wagster, all under the creative direction of Pietsch Lim.) This one-minute video feels very much like a collage of sound and images, and it’s a cool way to view the clothing, if not a little too artsy. Eh, see what you think.
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South Korea Parliament Turns Into WWF Match

Shattered glass, broken furniture, biting, shoving, beating, jumping and throwing blunt objects — just another day in Parliament in South Korea. Yesterday, a female lawmaker was rushed to the hospital with injuries after an ordinary session turned into an episode of “UFC Ultimate Fighting.” The rampage began when members of the majority party, the Grand National Party, tried to enter the building to vote on a bill loosening restrictions on media ownership of TV networks. Men and women from the opposing parties began stacking up furniture to block the ruling members from entering the National Assembly. When that didn’t work, they took to clawing each other’s eyes out. Peeps who opposed the bill attacked anyone trying to approach the podium by throwing heavy objects and even body-slamming them.
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Miss Plastic Hungary Pageant Seeks “Body Work” Contestants

“Ever had plastic surgery to become beautiful? Are you proud of your body? Would you like to put yourself to the test?” These are all questions most beauty queens would be too embarrassed to answer, but one Hungarian company isn’t afraid to ask. The website is seeking contestants for what it says is the first ever beauty pageant for women who have had cosmetic surgery. Pageant organizers are trying to fight the stigma associated with beauty operations in Hungary. The contest is open to women between the ages of 18 and 30 and to women older than 30 in the “dame” category, all of whom must have had a surgical procedure performed under local or general anesthesia; a simple Botox injection won’t suffice, and neither will extremely large breasts (remember they’re trying to fight the stigma?). So far, 100 entrants have already signed up for the pageant that is supposed to occur on October 9. Maybe Carrie Prejean has a pageant comeback in her future? [Reuters] Keep reading »

DIY: Super Easy Circle Bracelets

Someone gave me this rather cute bracelet that I’ve been wearing obsessively since last year. It’s simple enough–A silver circle on the middle of a black string–but I’m kind of loving it. Because it’s so small though, I’ve decided that one is simply not enough but don’t really feel like shelling about $200 for two more. So let’s make our own for under $10, m’kay? Keep reading »

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