Bethanie Mattek-Sands Is Ballsy

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / June 26, 2011
Some handy puns and phrases that could be used to describe 26-year-old tennis player Bethanie Mattek-Sands wearing a dress made of tennis balls to a pre-Wimbledon party last week: "She was definitely the belle of the ball!" "All eye-balls were definitely on her!" "I would rate this dress a ten ... nis!" "This dress i… More »

10 Bizarre Tricks For Beautiful Hair And Nails

By: StyleList Home / June 26, 2011
When you're in a jam and desperate for hair or nail help, the perfect fix can come from some highly unexpected places. Whether you tore a nail and can't get to the salon, need a manicure to dry fast, or forgot your curling iron before a big event, as our friends over at DailyMakoever report,… More »

Home Is Where The Artillery Weapons Are

By: Julie Gerstein / June 26, 2011
Hey, hipsters aren't like me and you. Regular housing is just so confining and restrictive. And that's why some particularly ambitious members of the hipster class have taken to finding alternative means of shelter. Like tanks. Yes, tanks. Could anything be further from the hipster mentality of ambivalent permissiveness, freedom to wear stupid hats and… More »

Kathy Griffin Could Not, In Fact, See Russia From Sarah Palin’s House

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 26, 2011
  Sometimes I think Kathy Griffin would not have any material if it weren't for the Palin family. But I don't necessarily mind because, like she says here in a clip from her "Kathy Griffin: Gurrl Down" comedy special, the Palin family is really effing funny. Here Kathy talks about how she went to… More »

Her 10 Best Looks: Selita Ebanks

By: Annika Harris / June 26, 2011

10 Surefire Ways To Fail An Interview

By: The Grindstone / June 26, 2011
It’s easy to fail a job interview. There’s really nothing to it, to be honest. Show up 20 minutes late with parsley in your teeth and a bunch of offensive jokes that are largely about human feces and you’ve just failed. Sometimes people want to fail on purpose because unemployment is a cushy situation, and… More »