Make Up My Mind For Me: Cut, Grow Or Bangs?

I’m currently in the midst of a crippling case of haircut indecision. After three years of ever-changing, very short hair, I’ve finally let the stuff grow out to a reasonable length and now I’m bored all over again. Worse than that, I can’t even decide if I like it longer. I’m definitely not ready to go really short again, but perhaps a nice bob? Maybe some blunt bangs? Possibly I should just let it grow and grow ’til it sweeps the ground?

Clearly, I am ill-equipped to make this decision myself. So what better to do than turn my total inability to make up my mind into a poll for you? Vote on my next hair style below. Please use the pic at left of me last week as a reference point instead of just voting on your favorite hair style option in general. Just because you love bangs doesn’t mean I’d look good in them.

This hair cut is going down over the weekend, so vote right away, please! Keep reading »

Finally, Fashion For the Over 70 Crowd

(Another) Quote of the Day: Lady Gaga’s Vagina Speaks

“I’m not offended, my vagina is offended.”

Lady Gaga addresses those pesky Lady-Gaga-is-a-hermaphrodite rumors by letting her “little vagina” do the talking Keep reading »

Finally, A Clothing Line For the Elderly Crowd

Who is Fannie Kirst and once it becomes legal across the land, can I marry her? Anyone woman who thinks up sassy, stylish and just plain old smart fashion like this surely deserves my hand in marriage. I’m talking about Old Ladies Rebellion, a clothing line launched by the 24 year old specifically for, well….old ladies. In a total send up to the fashion industry’s Lolita complex, by old, Karst means very mature. Specifically, she means sixty, seventy and older. To that end, her catwalk shows are only for the gray haired and gorgeous. Her elderly models elegantly sashay out in a series of knee length shift dresses. Karst keeps her signature silhouette interesting via bold graphics, quirky, clever spins tromp d’ liel (patterns that give the illusion of accessories or items that aren’t there) and ironic statements (Lets Begin With The End.)

But perhaps the real irony here, is unlike the majority of collections modeled by young women and flattering only to young women, this clothing line – targeted at a more mature clientele – looks good on all ages. The designer has said she looks to older women, specifically her grandmother as muses. She cut her chops at my alma mater, Central Saint Martins in London and went on to gain experience on London’s Saville Row and in Paris. Now, with buzz building and the collection available to view online (you must reach out directly to Karst for purchase) its beyond clear that this is a rebellion worth joining. Learn more about Karst at Keep reading »

Having Big Thighs May Prolong Your Life

Good news for a lot of us: having thunder thighs may actually prolong our lives ! A study, published in the British Medical Journal, followed several hundred men and women in Denmark for more than 10 years and discovered that “those with the smallest thighs – below 55cm (about 22 inches) – had twice the risk of early death or serious health problems.” Researchers found that the risk was “more highly related to thigh circumference than to waist circumference” and believe that the risk could be associated with too little muscle mass, which can lead to the body not responding to insulin properly, thus increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, responded to the published study, saying: “This is a very interesting and slightly counter-intuitive piece of work but it has to be respected because of the numbers looked at and the duration of the research. This must be great news for people with larger thighs.” Well, not quite as great as finding perfect-fitting jeans on sale, but I’ll take it. [via BBC News] Keep reading »

New Studies Call Women Cheating Liars

Some new studies suggest men cheat up to five percent more than women, but apparently ladies are “bigger liars” about it. Hmm … bigger liars or just better at not getting caught? According to some recent studies, women are having more affairs than ever — around 15 percent, while the figure is closer to 20 percent for men — but they behave very differently from men when they cheat. Dr. David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, says: “The biggest difference is that women are much better at keeping their affairs secret. If you look at the studies into paternity, even conservative figures show that between eight and 15 per cent of children haven’t been fathered by the man who thinks he’s the biological parent.” Keep reading »

Finally, TOMS Shoes We Will Wear

Honestly, the heart-warming charity angle aside, there was something about TOMS shoes which looked decidedly….unchic. Hence, while we’ve admired them from afar, we’ve never felt compelle to actually buy a pair. Until now. Behold TOMS with laces, formally known as the Cordones. Unlike the traditional TOMS slip ons, these shoes are designed more like an old-school sneaker with a flat sole and laces. Some might argue that this new style takes all the charm out of TOMS, but we think it finally ads it. It’s available this month and retails between $69 and $78, depending on the style. Find it wherever TOMS are sold or online at [Valet Mag] Keep reading »

What If You Had To Ask 4 Million People For Permission To Get Married?

This ad in support of marriage equality is one of the most subtle and effective messages I’ve seen. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible for bigots to see the logic. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: “Labels Mean Nothing To Me”

Do they sell paint like this at Sherwin-Williams? Cause if not, we don’t even want to imagine the time, energy and technique it took to paint the Louis Vuitton logo all over this house in Mexico. But if you have a passion for fashion, guess no task is too great. [Freshome] Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Keanu Reeves Agrees To Paternity Test

  • Keanu Reeves has consented to a paternity test after a woman said he is the father of at least one of her four children. [Marie Claire UK] — Keanu just got Jude Law-ed! Keep it in your pants or under a raincoat, boys.
  • Actress Idina Menzel gave birth to her son with husband Taye Diggs yesterday. The baby’s name is Walker Nathaniel Diggs. [UPI]
  • Solange is reportedly dating a rapper named Wales. [Media Takeout] — He’s not quite Jay-Z, but he could be one day … maybe.

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