Finally, Fashion For the Over-70 Crowd

Get a load of “Old Ladies Rebellion,” a clothing line launched by a 24-year-old specifically for, well….old ladies. And by old, Karst means old: seventy-plus. Her catwalk shows are only for the gray-haired and gorgeous. The elderly models elegantly sashay out in a series of knee length shift dresses. Karst keeps her signature silhouette interesting via bold graphics, quirky, clever spins tromp d’oeil (patterns that give the illusion of accessories or items that aren’t there), and ironic statements such as, “Let’s Begin With The End.” The designer has said she looks to older women, specifically her grandmother as muses. She cut her chops at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and went on to gain experience on London’s Savile Row and in Paris. Now, with buzz building and the collection available to view online (you must reach out directly to Karst for purchase), it’s beyond clear that this is a rebellion worth joining. [HighSnobette]

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Hair Color Horror Stories!

After talking DIY haircut tales of terror earlier this week, naturally, we started thinking about other beauty disasters we’ve suffered, and hair color mishaps topped the list. Personally, I’ve endured them all. There were various Sun-In incidents (and yes, I went from brassy orange to green on that trip), cranberry juice-fueled binges, at-home highlights (do not attempt at home!), henna, the time black did not look as cool as I thought it would, bleached blonde (also not as rad as in theory), and a million and one crazy-looking streaks in between. But there’s nothing so seductive as the pretty model with perfect hair on the front of that cardboard box filled with promise, even though we now realize, in this age of the airbrushing revolution, that her ‘do is as fake as the dye itself. For the past few years I’ve sworn off coloring my own hair, but as every professional colorist I’ve ever interviewed has asserted, color correction is their bread and butter. After the jump, The Frisky staffers share their own experiences with hair color. Keep reading »

The Bear Trap Necklace (For Girls Who Bite)

Feeling a little … bearish? If you’re looking to get your fierce on, nothing says, “Come here, no, wait, go away!” like a bear trap necklace. This fully functional (but we hope not too functional) pendant comes in oxidized black or polished sterling silver on a 25-inch chain and is, online store Lost at E Minor claims, a “bane to miniature bears everywhere.” It’s not cheap — $240 — but at least you know you’ll be safe if a miniature bear (or something bigger) tries to take a bite out of you. [Kingdom of Style] Keep reading »

Sneak Peak At Rachel Zoe’s QVC Collection

Rachel Zoe‘s much-anticipated line for QVC will officially debut during New York Fashion Week, but nitro:licious has a sneak peak. Of the five items we’ve seen so far, three of them are faux fur vests. And, yes, the vests are oh-so-Zoe — we have definitely seen her wearing similar ones — but we won’t be rushing to buy one. Her catchphrases blended into our life seamlessly, but there’s no way this thing is going to fit in with the rest of the stuff in our closet. [nitro:licious] Keep reading »

365 Days In Paris: Welcome Homme

My first week in Paris is coming to a close, and, generally, I’m feeling super positive about things. My apartment could not be more perfect. It’s incredible teeny, but has two windows overlooking the Seine (eeee!), and at night the tourist boats pass by, illuminating the entire room for a few seconds with their lights. (See some pics here!) I spent the first two days alone, running all over town to take care of paperwork and get things for the house. I had been feeling pretty lonely up until last night when I went out with a mutual friend, whom I’d never met before, to have Vietnamese food and see some French pop bands at a grungy-yet-hip underground club in Belleville. There were many, many cute boys there who definitely have improved style since the last time I was here four years ago. Now, instead of wide-leg jeans and ribbed turtlenecks, they’re sporting leather jackets, thick-rimmed glasses, and the type of sweaters you know you’d steal if you were dating. It goes without saying that I will be frequenting this place a lot. Keep reading »

“In The House” Actress Maia Campbell Rumored To Have Meth Problem

It’s always disconcerting when a once-promising actress totally loses it. (Hello, Natasha Lyonne.) The latest in the line is Maia Campbell, who once starred in the show “In The House” alongside LL Cool J. Back in March, a report surfaced on the site from a reader who claimed they’d spent the day with Campbell and that (a) she was living on Venice Beach (b) she hadn’t showered in a while and was begging for someone to wash her hair and (c) she couldn’t stop smoking meth. It was easy to think maybe the letter and accompanying photos were just a mean prank, but today a video surfaced of Campbell. And let’s just say that she doesn’t exactly look or sound sober in it. Rumors are also swirling that she’s been picked up for robbery and prostitution in the past year. If this is what’s going on, here’s hoping Maia is able to get help. Soon. [Gawker] Keep reading »

“Project Runway”: Reality Show Or Garnier Product Pusher?

OK, “Project Runway,” we get it. Viewers own TiVos and fast-forward through commercials, so advertisers want products plugged in the show instead. We understand. But last night’s “Project Runway” went too far! Designers have always sent their models to the L’Oreal hair and makeup room and the Garnier hair salon and that’s fine. But we never had the name of the products shoved down our throats quite like this before. “Project Runway” titled the task of creating a beach look for surfer girls the “Garnier Challenge” and a Garnier hairdresser told the designers how important hair will be to complete their look on the runway. Tim Gunn, no doubt rolling his eyes inside, mentioned several times how the models needed to head to the Garnier hair studio, where the Garnier hairdresser got more screen time and showed all of Garnier’s green products in the background. Then the Garnier hairdresser made a comment before a couple commercial breaks, which led with Garnier products. I had to stop myself from shrieking at the screen, “I buy Garnier shampoo, conditioner, and frizz-ease, OK?! I swear! Leave me alone!” Seriously, “Project Runway,” don’t do that s**t again. Or at least try to slip product placement in and trick us. Keep reading »

Make Up My Mind For Me: Cut, Grow Or Bangs?

I’m currently in the midst of a crippling case of haircut indecision. After three years of ever-changing, very short hair, I’ve finally let the stuff grow out to a reasonable length and now I’m bored all over again. Worse than that, I can’t even decide if I like it longer. I’m definitely not ready to go really short again, but perhaps a nice bob? Maybe some blunt bangs? Possibly I should just let it grow and grow ’til it sweeps the ground?

Clearly, I am ill-equipped to make this decision myself. So what better to do than turn my total inability to make up my mind into a poll for you? Vote on my next hair style below. Please use the pic at left of me last week as a reference point instead of just voting on your favorite hair style option in general. Just because you love bangs doesn’t mean I’d look good in them.

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Finally, Fashion For the Over 70 Crowd

(Another) Quote of the Day: Lady Gaga’s Vagina Speaks

“I’m not offended, my vagina is offended.”

Lady Gaga addresses those pesky Lady-Gaga-is-a-hermaphrodite rumors by letting her “little vagina” do the talking Keep reading »

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