Was Ashlee Simpson Tipsy On “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”?

Ashlee Simpson was a guest on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Thursday. She was there to talk all about the new “Melrose Place. While watching her give very little info about the show and hearing her very annoying chuckles, I couldn’t help but notice she seemed a little loopy. OK, so the taping could have gone a little long, but she could have also enjoyed the backstage refreshments a little too much. I don’t know. What do you think? Compare the Jimmy Fallon interview with her earlier appearance on the “Today” show, where she was much more reserved, after the jump. [PopEater] Keep reading »

Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo, And Other Stars Who Sneak Around To Avoid The Paps

sly nick lachey and vanessa minnillo 090309 jpg
It looks like Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo may be back together after breaking up in June. The two have been spotted several times in the past week sneaking around, close-talking, holding hands, and making out. A witness said, “You could tell they were together. It was more in how serious they looked at each other that told you that they were more than just friends.” Wouldn’t it be funny if they never actually broke up at all and this was just a sham to get the tabloids, aka celebrity-relationship kryptonite, off their backs? [Ace Showbiz]

Though we’re totally sensitive to the plight of couples who have to keep it together under the glare of flashbulbs, they have to accept that their love lives must be carefully orchestrated for our maximum entertainment. So we’re outing the other couples who snuck around post break-up to catch a paparazzi breather. Cads.

The Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky

We did something a li’l different this week at The Frisky— every day, five of our editors and bloggers took pictures of their outfits and posted them online for y’all to see! Did you see them all?

Luckily, our fab stylin’s brought some levity to a long, hard week, what with DJ AM passing away too soon and 29-year-old Jaycee Dugard discovered living with Phil Garrido, a total whackjob, 18 years after she was abducted. Keep reading »

Quickies: Kim Kardashian Takes More Swimsuit Photos Of Herself, Plus Labor Day Flings

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Quick Pic: Lily Allen Takes Eyeshadow To A Whole Notha Level

Lily Allen has been absolutely wowing us with her eye makeup lately, what with all the metallic swooshes and crazy liner. But somehow we missed this photo from last weekend’s V Festival in the U.K. and just had to share. Is it working? You be the judge. But yeah, she totally went there, that’s for sure. [Staffordshire, 8/23/09] Keep reading »

The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For September 5-6th 2009


  • ”E! News Weekend” on E! at 9 am
  • The Real World: Cancun” on MTV at 10 am
  • ”Bedknobs and Broomsticks” on TCM at 10 am

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Man Farts During Surgery And Sets His Junk On Fire

In Denmark, a 30-year-old man was having a mole on his buttocks removed with an electrical knife when he farted during surgery. This ignited a spark, which caught onto his surgical spirit-soaked genitals and burned the poor guy! He said, “When I woke up, my penis and scrotum were burning like hell. Besides the pain, I can’t have sex with my wife.” He’s now suing the hospital for what they call an “unfortunate accident.” Farting in my sleep is one of my biggest plausible nightmares, but of all the scenarios that can take place post-flatulence, this one never even occurred to me. [BuzzFeed]
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Bathing Suiting Up For The Beach, 1952 Style

Bathing suit season is over after the weekend, but it will live forever in our memories— especially these hot haute couture cuties from 1952. This vid proves gold lame is a timeless poolside classic! And this here lady even beat Princess Leia too it.

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Trailer Park: “All About Steve,” “Extract,” “Amreeka”

It’s Labor Day weekend! Hallelujah! Time to wear all your white clothing simultaneously, light up the barbecue, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. And because it’s a three-day weekend, you have a whole extra day to go to the movies! It may be a good opportunity to acknowledge “Amreeka” or “Extract” some fun out of your life. But it’s not necessarily “All About Steve,” cause, as far as I’m concerned, that guy’s lame. OK, I’ll stop. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Wouldn’t Ju Like To No

So we’ll fill you in: Ellen Page is currently filming a flick with Leo DiCaprio called “Oliver’s Arrows.” She looks like the cutest candy bar evah in this adorable brown ensemble. [Los Angeles, 9/4/09] Keep reading »

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